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  1. Sorry but cant find the link
  2. Thank you! I will check it out!
  3. Thanks! But yeah, I know there are ways to get the tempo I need. But would be great to see an improvement in this subject, and make cakewalk more intuitive.
  4. I just posted another topic and learnt that Cakewalk only accepts beats as "quarter notes" when you adjust the bpm of a song. It would be great if you could tap certain tempos in eights. For example, if you're listening an 6/8 time signature song, and want to know the bpm, in Cakewalk you should tap in quarters, meaning you have to press space bar in the 1-3-5 eights, which can be pretty hard in certain situations, or with more complex time signatures or songs. I would love to see a feature that could give you more rhythmical versatility. Greetings!
  5. Thank you for your answer! I would like to know more, so if you could show me that previous post, would be great!
  6. Hi guys. I just started a Project where the time signature is 6/8, so I wanted to listen to an old recording of a song and tap the Tempo. It never matched the recording tempo, so I realized that every "tap" I was making was a quarter note, not and eight as I would think if I'm working with this time signature. Then, my question is if there's a way to make Cakewalk match the time signature I'm using with the Tap Tempo function automatically. I mean, if I use, lets say an 4/8 I would want to tap 4 eight notes and Cakewalk to recognize that every 4 beats theres an accented click. Or if there's a project where the tempo is 3/4, I want Cakewalk to recognize that when I'm taping, there are 3 beats per measure and one is accented. Finally, if there's no way to achieve this automatically. Is there a manual way to do this? Greetings and Thanks in advance!
  7. I think You're by far one of the best "Audio and Music Production" Youtubers in the web. Thank you for this series.
  8. The previous update fixed this behaviour, but with this 2019.12 update I'm getting it again.
  9. I'm getting the Melodyne error again with this new update. Everytime I create a FX Region, Melodyne doesnt display the notes. I have to close the window and open it again to see them.
  10. I'm getting the Melodyne error again with this new update. Everytime I create a FX Region, Melodyne doesnt display the notes. I have to close the window and open it again to see them.
  11. It would be awesome so If you need to find out the tempo of a file or a project, you could just press play and tap the tempo and not having to open a new window to do it.
  12. I've been experiencing some trouble with melodyne, everytime I create a FX region, the software displays the melodyne window but with no information. I need to close it and open it again so I can see the notes.
  13. Just downloaded and installed it, and it's working perfectly.
  14. Apeirofobia

    Windows Audio

    Thank you, but it didn't work for me.
  15. Apeirofobia

    Windows Audio

    Hi guys. I'm trying to use Cakewalk while I'm listening some musical examples in another softwares(Windows Media Player, Google Chrome, etc), but everytime I open CbB the rest of Windows Audio is disabled. How can I fix this issue?
  16. Apeirofobia

    Flatten comp

    Hi guys. I was wondering if there's a way to flatten comp in a single track. I mean, I'm working on the takes of the first verse of a song, and when I'm done, I flatten comp that verse and Cakewalk creates a "comp track". Then I start working on the chorus and when I click "flatten comp" it creates another comp track. I know that one solution could be working the whole song and then click "flatten comp" but I'm a little obsessive so I tend to fix some mistakes while I'm recording. Thanks in advance.
  17. Thank you guys so much for your responses.
  18. Thank you for your reply! I tried a lot of things but what fixed the problem was to plug the laptop power supply in. Anyways, it's strange cause I've always worked with the laptop battery.
  19. Hi guys. Today I opened a session I was working on and now I'm having a lot of glitches I hadnt had before. I tried to increase the buffer size(2048) but its still happening. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance Voz 005.m4a
  20. Apeirofobia

    Audio stretching

    Thank you! In fact now I realized that they're groove clips cause when I select them, the help module it showed me groove clips information. Now the strange thing is that Cakewalk says that when I open one of these files, the software is supposed to match the tempo automatically. But now I see that the info displays this, that the clip is 116.9 BPM and the project is still on 120bpm. And this files comes from a FL Studio project that was 160BPM. Finally, I realized that unchecking the "Looping" option on the groove clip info stopped the audio stretching. ¿Does someone know what exactly does that function? ¿How did it stop the audio stretching? Thanks in advance!
  21. Apeirofobia

    Audio stretching

    Thanks How can I verify if the wav file has tempo information included? Anyways, its strange because when I import the file it is still on the original tempo (160bpm) but when I see the groove info it displays 116.xx Bpm(Inside Cakewalk).
  22. Apeirofobia

    Audio stretching

    Yes, I've played the file and it actually changes its tempo. I don't know what could be causing this.
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