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  1. Hi

    It would be cool if Cakewalk would display on the PRV only the selected midi clips, because its confusing when you select a clip and the PRV shows you the whole track.

    It's a simple but important feature.

  2. 11 hours ago, tonemangler said:

    Yes, to audition the whole drum kit, bass and effect return you would have to customize your project.  Firstly, as mentioned previously, you would group all bass tracks.  Next group all drum tracks.  It is easier to use track folders for this but I see you work in the console view which I believe you does not support folders.  The next step depends on if you have a lot of busses.  Create a new buss, call it something like 'Pre Mix'.  Send all busses except for bass, drums and effects to this buss and set it's output to the Mix buss.  Now, if you want to audition the kick and bass you press Ctrl and click the kick track (this solos only the kick) and then click any bass track.  Next to hear all drums and bass, first you Ctrl click the kick track (to un-solo it) and then click on any drum track.  Next you want to hear drums, bass and effects, leave the bass and drum tracks soloed and simply mute the 'Pre Mix' buss.   If you don't have a lot of busses you don't need to create the 'Pre Mix' buss just mute all busses except for drum, bass and effects. I hope this works for you.

    Thank you so much for your time and effort. Im trying this method, and it's working when I mute the rest of the band in the "pre-mix" bus. It's a strange behaviour but it's working.

    Thanks again!

  3. On 12/4/2020 at 9:16 PM, tonemangler said:

    In your example, simply group the solo buttons of the DI Bass and Mic Bass tracks. Set the send of the Kick to Pre Fader.  Now you can solo the grouped Bass tracks (not the buss) and the compressor will work. In my case I only work in track view so it is easy to make a Folder for all the bass elements and use the folder solo button.  I agree that sending a pre-fader sidechain signal from a Track to a compressor on a Buss should result in the expected behaviour,  but this is either a bug  or a quirk.

    I tried this, but it only works if I want to solo the kick and bass. This means I have to solo every drum track if I want to hear the bass in the context of the drums? Aside from the impossibility to hear the buses processing, as reverb, compression, etc


    Edit: Today I tried creating buses for every drum piece instead of aux tracks, and then I inserted the compressor on them so I could only work with buses, but then again, when I solo the Drum kit and the bass, the compressor stops working, there's no input.

  4. 4 hours ago, tonemangler said:

    It is rather quirky the way CbB handles soloing for busses and aux tracks.  Sidechaining works best when using regular tracks, if you want to hear the effect when soloing  make sure you set the send feeding the compressor to pre-fader.  Soloing on busses acts differently to tracks.  For example if you have a bass buss and solo it you will hear all the bass tracks feeding that buss, but as soon as you solo a track not feeding the bass buss, for example the kick track, you will no longer hear the bass buss, even though it remains soloed.  This is because as soon as you solo the kick all the bass tracks are muted.  Furthermore, you won't hear the kick either because the Bass Buss remaining soloed mutes the Drum Buss!  If you put a compressor on a buss and feed it's sidechain from a track you need to solo the tracks not the busses to engage the effect.

    In your example, simply group the solo buttons of the DI Bass and Mic Bass tracks. Set the send of the Kick to Pre Fader.  Now you can solo the grouped Bass tracks (not the buss) and the compressor will work. In my case I only work in track view so it is easy to make a Folder for all the bass elements and use the folder solo button.  I agree that sending a pre-fader sidechain signal from a Track to a compressor on a Buss should result in the expected behaviour,  but this is either a bug  or a quirk.

    Another way is to create an Aux track for the bass elements and put the compressor on there.  However you would need to set the kick send to pre-fader, solo it, and then turn it's volume all the way down in order to hear the effect when soloing the Bass Aux Track.  So definitely not the best solution.  Cheers

    Thank you so much for your detailed response. I tried to set the send as pre-fader and I had the same exact results.  Whenever I try to solo their respective buses the compressor stops working.

    But I haven't tried to group the tracks. That will be my next option. 

    Thank you again!

  5. Here are two videos, one inserting the compressor on the bus, and the other one compressing the aux tracks. In both, the compressor stops working everytime I solo their buses.  (Sorry for the quality) Whe I disable all solo, it works just fine.


    Compressor on bus


    Compressor on the aux tracks


  6. 3 hours ago, Leonardo Bisaro said:

    Hi Apeirofobia
    I'm locking for a solution for the same issue.
    Sidechain signal work only when I disable all SOLO 

    Please, tell me if you can solve, and I'll do the same!

    Good luck!

    I haven't found a solution. I emailed the cakewalk support this weekend but there are still no answers.


    3 hours ago, scook said:

    One solution is use aux tracks as buses.

    Make sure the sends feeding the sidechain inputs on the FX in aux track are pre-fader.

    That was the first thing I did, but even when I insert the compressor on aux tracks, and then I solo their respective buses, the compressor stops working.

  7. Testing again, I discovered a strange behaviour. I have 2 buses (one for the drums, and another one for the bass(DI and Mic tracks). I added a compressor to the bass bus(and tried with the individual tracks too) with an input from the kick, and the problem starts when I solo the bass and drums buses. When I disable the soloing of the buses, it recognizes the input from the kick. Is it normal?

    I mean, when I solo the drumand bass buses, their individual tracks should be recognized by the compressor, right? If the tracks are routed to the right bus...

  8. Hi guys. 

    I've seen another topic with the same issue but there was no solution.

    The trouble is that in some projects the sidechain function is not working. I send my signal to some compressor(Any plugin, not just Sonitus) and theres no input. I open a new project and the sidechain works fine. But right now I'm working on a project which is almost finished so it would be a disgrace to start a new project. 

    Any ideas about how could I fix this?

    Edit: I use a Scarlett 18i20 (Third gen) and Windows 10.  The drivers are up to date.


    Thanks in advance!

  9. 14 hours ago, scook said:

    CbB always records the signal at a track's input. Any time one wants to record a signal affected by plug-ins, the track containing the plug-ins needs to be routed to an aux track or another track using a patch point. The wet signal may be record in this track.

    Try this,,,

    1. Add Sonitus Gate in the FX rack on the mic track

    2. Click the Audio button on the Sonitus UI changing it to Duck


    3. Enable input echo on the mic track

    4. Route the mic track output to a new aux track

    5. Record enable the aux track

    6. Create a send on the music track to the Sonitus:fx Gate (Side Input)

    7. Enable input echo on the music track


    Now any time signal hits the music track, the aux track will be muted.

    Anytime this method of recording a wet signal is used, it is a good idea to record the dry track too, just in case.

    May need to experiment with the hold and release times to make sure the gate does not open with quite parts of the music.



    That's a great idea, to use an aux track. I will check it out.

    Thank you so much!

  10. 13 hours ago, John Vere said:

    This is why I like to use a small mixer when doing things like screen captures. I have real controls and can balance levels on the fly as I record. 



    Yep. That would be the best option, but cant afford one right now.

    Thank you anyways!

  11. Hi guys!

    I've been thinking about recording my own podcast, and I can't figure out how to mute a track while I'm recording. Is there a way to do this on Cakewalk? For example, I will use 2 mics and I will use music sometimes, so when the music is playing I want to mute my mics while I'm recording and not in post-production, just to save some time. I'm using a Scarlett 18i20 third generation so I can use its playback function to record the songs I'm playing on the pc, but have no idea how to mute or unmute the inputs in real time.

    Thanks in advance!



  12. 14 hours ago, Robert Bone said:

    Howdy - so, I inserted that exact same Redtron_SE plugin, into a new project, and it played just fine, so whatever is going on, it would seem to be with your system.

    Please tell me what version and build your Windows is - is it completely current on maintenance?

    How about the drivers for your audio interface?  Up to date on maintenance?

    I think if we examine your configuration, maintenance levels, and possibly settings, we might figure out why this same plugin weirds out on your system, while playing just fine on mine.

    Bob Bone

    Sadly I'm getting the same trouble with the vst's you sent me.

    I use Windows 10, version 10.0.18362, I think i'ts the latest.

    The drivers for my Scarlett 18i20 are up to date.

    Thanks in advance!

  13. 1 hour ago, Robert Bone said:

    Howdy - I have 3 versions of the Redtron, all 32-bit.  Can you please detail PRECISELY the name of the dll executable file for the one you have, and also give me the version info (hover your mouse over it in its folder in File Explorer, and it might display that for you), and give me its size, and I will see which one of mine that matches up to.

    I just inserted one of them into a new project, and it plays just fine.

    Bob Bone

    The name is Redtron_SE.dll and it has a folder that includes a few files too, and its 11MB(dll file).



  14. 14 hours ago, Robert Bone said:

    What is your ASIO Buffer Size? 

    If you have not yet done this, I suggest you have your antivirus either temporarily disabled while in Cakewalk (and do not access internet if so), OR add Exclusions/Exceptions to your antivirus software, so that it doesn't scan: Cakewalk Projects folder, Cakewalk Content folder, any Sample Library folders (just have to include the parent folders, and it will also exclude any sub-folders contained in any parent folder).

    With antivirus software running, without the above exclusions/exveptions, then every time Cakewalk or a loaded synth or effect reads or writes any files in those folders, the antivirus software will dutifully scan each file, for viruses.  Since all of those files are either static (meaning really just read only, like sample files), or are created during the Cakewalk project session, there is no need to scan all of those, every time they are accessed.  It just slows down and impedes the streaming audio performance, and can cause audio hiccups at times.  Further, unless you are downloading compressed files/folders directly from the web into the folders I named above, all of the files would have gotten scanned as you were downloading them, because the antivirus software checks files as it is downloading them - exceot for compressed ones.  If you download any compressed files/folders, to your Downloads folder, and THEN extract the files, prior to moving them to any of the above named folders or sub-folders, then they WILL get scanned at that time, so when you access them repeatedly while in Cakewalk, even though they are excluded from being scanned - you already know they are clean.

    Anyways, the above may help, and even if it does not clear up this particular issue, if you were not excluding those folders and their sub-folders, then you should still see a performance boost on loading or writing files to and from those folders, so it is still well worth doing.

    Incidentally, have you tried temporarily disabling your WiFi drivers, just ahead of launching Cakewalk?  Some WiFi drivers really jack up the latency and cause audio issues.  You would either have some sort of a physical switch, or a function key, (usually) to turn off WiFi or turn it back on again - and this is the easiest way to do it.  If no such physical or logical switch is present, you can go into Device Manager and disable the WiFi drivers there - do NOT uninstall them - simply disable them,. and then when done with your Cakewalk session, you can enable them again, or if you had used the switch, use it again to turn the WiFi back on.  This might help, too....

    Bob Bone


    Just tried both options, Wifi and Antivirus and nothing worked.

    But, what I discovered is that when I'm using the MME Driver Mode with Windows Audio drivers, I dont get the glitches. 

    But as soon as I switch to the ASIO Drivers of the Scarlett 18i20 I start getting the audio trouble.

    Obviously I can't work with the windows drivers(since the latency and audio inputs and outputs).

  15. 14 hours ago, Robert Bone said:

    By the way - can you please list all of the 32-bit plugins you have had these issues with?  Just curious, perhaps one of us knows of a 64-bit plugin that might give you the sounds or effects processing you are trying to use.


    Bob Bone


    I've used a lot, but one of the most important for me is Redtron (a mellotron vst). I use only free vsts, or most of them at least are freebies.

    And I've used diferent buffer sizes, but most of the time 512 samples.

    I will try what you posted before and post an update!

  16. 15 hours ago, Promidi said:

    Have you done any "Daw PC" optimisations  -  you know....  disable power saving everywhere you can  Disable C-states, speedstep snd put CPU min/max at 100%.  All of that stuff

    Yes, I did it.

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