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  1. Thanks Craig. I wouldn't expect Presonus to do that and my main DAW is Studio One. However I still have old band mates working in Sonar so it makes it easy for us to work back and forth. I was just hoping out loud that there might be some interest on the Bandlab side to consider it and I do still enjoy working in Sonar too. After all they still have the Tascam US-428 in there (and I still have mine too - LOL!) I just prefer how the FP16 works in native mode as opposed to how it works in MCU (Sonar)mode.
  2. Are there any plans to include native support for Presonus Faderport 8/16? I know it works in mcu mode but the controller in native mode has more features that I believe could make the work flow even better. As a very long time user of Sonar I would love to see it integrated in native(studio one) mode. I would like to see the ability to open up the pro channel and be able to adjust the parameters. Also track colors (or colours) also would be a nice feature as well. Sincerely, Greg Morton
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