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  1. Forum Member............... I was able to get CR8 to work and seen by Cakewalk. I updated to build 29 and ran a Manual Scan, deselected the other scan options and ran the vst scan and CR8 appeared. Still have not been able to correct Arcade for those that use it but will update the forum once resolved.
  2. I've experienced the same issue with CR8. I have an open support ticket with Waves and have communicated it appears to be a VST3 issue where they are aware of. Waves Support has been very responsive to the issue and once I get resolution I will let you and the forum know. There also appears to be an issue with Output Arcade as well. Identical to the CR8 issue. Output sent me a fix, but it did not correct the issue. Waiting on the next line of instructions from the Output Team and will keep the forum informed as well.
  3. SOLVED! Had to go into the REGISTRY, remove a few dll's and reinstall impacted vst's. Must be a windows thing.
  4. Thanks for the quick response. Would you to a roll back of the updates?
  5. Hello All! Looking for assistance in a "Missing Plug In Error" I am receiving. This started out of no where this morning and I have been all day trying to fix the issue. Looked at the forums at length and could not find a solution that would fix the problem. I ran vst scans and it stops mid process. I am also unable to open old or new projects without the missing plugin error. Also getting wrong computer Id for XLN products i.e. addictive keys and RC-20 Retro Color which where working earlier. Did go to the XLN site to have them re-registered, it accepted the reauthorization - but sonar keeps kicking back the Wrong Computer ID error message. Any Suggestions would be greatly appreciated on how to correct this issue. Not sure if it is related to any Windows 10 update but I have been trying to resolve this issue for the better part of 9 hours today. One other note. I have been a Sonar user for the past 15 years so i do have experience with the DAW, but this issue has me baffled. Computer Specs: Windows 10 64 bit Intel I5 3.10 GHZ 16gb Ram
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