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  1. I was forced to do a clean install of my entire system. I discovered that the pack (Hollywood Edge fx) was on the bonus disc in Sonar 8. When I try to install from disc it tells me I do not have a registered version of Dimension Pro installed. I went to the command center to load all of my products. I installed Platinum and the Band Lab copies. Can someone help me figure this out if you have gotten it to work. Thanks in advance.
  2. Why not freeze tracks to free up memory if daw gets glitch. Audio takes very little resources and if need be you can always unfreeze a track to edit the midi or automation then freeze back after your done. This is how I have to do it.
  3. When you say you can't get a vst instrument to play, did you look to see if the input echo was turned on on the track in question? The reason I asked is because I could not figure why I had no play back using my LX49. Duh no input echo on.
  4. Not directly as a vst, but the TH3 for Cakewalk Bandlab has one.
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