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  1. Report on all installed plugins (Manufacturer / Type / Specs ) and in current project. This could be shared (Excel) with co-producers on a projects.
  2. Yes, latest Asio4all, and everything WAS fine. The driver is acting like two sources are grabbing it, yet only CW is active. WASAPI was my issue, sound now. But presently setup using Focusrite asio and line out through it from KATANA, instead of USB.
  3. Try that next as my KATANA 100 has direct record out. Just been using the USB without issue.
  4. OK - WDM sounds horrendous. Crackling/static, just terrible.
  5. So here is the problem with that. I have a Focusrite Saffire LE interface. Has it's own ASIO drivers. Should be perfect, right? When I uninstall ASIO4ALL and switch to interface ASIO I can choose only that interface. If I plug in my USB interface from my amp, you can't use it to record. Cakewalk I can only choose one interface. Same when I use WASAPI. I'll try WDM. Had this (ASIO4ALL) working perfectly a month ago.
  6. I don't know what changed. Previous and latest version and I can't open a project without my ASIO4ALL going to a RED Exclamation point and not working. Can't think of a setting change, but I've tried everything. Only app open, use/don't use exclusive mode, open/don't open all devices, uninstall ASIO4ALL and reinstall. Any idea's how to trouble shoot ASIO4ALL to determine what it does not like?
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