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    Laze on the porch

    Oh Im a fool for a good retro feel , not sure if was that that you was after , But I had physcodelic seventies lights, oil lamps and girls in mini skirts dancing in my head , but hey thats me , everything was in time ( i have a big problem with such things) and claerly recorded what more do you want yep I liked it cheers
  2. Thanks chaps for all your input and you`re all right , it does rumble on a bit ,originally I wanted a question an answer type Gospel Choir and it got waylaid in the heat of the night and well...and so rumbled on , I think it`ll be faded out at some later date thing is once they got a tamborine in their hand there`s no stoppin em ..cheers
  3. Hi chaps , well I hope this mix is an improvment to old mix , vocals are new cheers Oh and a new cover
  4. Thanks so much chaps, I wasnt sure from the start if the song would resonate so I´m really happy with the response thus far, the final mix and new vocals are now finished with new artwork and is posted...... spot the difference game ?? no prizes cheers
  5. So I´m in the mixdown stage and Ive now remixed it five times and re sung the main vocal three times ,it seems the more gadgets Ive got at my dissposal the more muddy it gets , as always I´m overthinking it again so i´m leaving it for a few days and then i`ll have another go , thanks guys really appreciate your comments ,, and Mark that documentary was just so soul destroying , as i said its about good people trying to their best in a bad situtation , there are a few more on the net to watch . i`ll check out that lisp cheers
  6. Sounds great to me those drums are really well put together must have taken ages , I struggle with my toontracks 2 so i can appriciate the hard work put in so far
  7. Hi Doug , This one was a bit out of the ordinary for me so I kept it back for some time not really knowing if I should post or not , so after a getting a private positive response from one of our forum members , I deceided to post , I just couldnt get rid of the sssshsses using a de`eser so Ive re recorded the main vocals again etc so I think the next time I post it should be better , thanks for the comments ,I also may be over thinking it a bit now .cheers
  8. Hi guys yeah I need some advice on geting rid of sshhhès so i used a vocal strip with a DeEsser and sort of worked and I´m having to calm down the top end of the eq but it still seems a bit ssshh`ssy any tips or vst`s I can use ?
  9. Paul Bush


    Hi Chaps , here´s a demo not quite ready for mixdown but ready enough for critique and constructive input , its a song inspired by a netflix documentary of the town ``Flint Michigen´´ it was concieved way before the BLM movement - campagne so I´m not trying to jump on any political bandwagon , this is something different for me so ..erm give it a go ..its a fictional story of good people trying to do their best ......... cheers paul
  10. Paul Bush

    Cherry blooms

    You just cant beat a strat and some reverb nice one cheers
  11. Paul Bush


    Yes a simple song one might say but I´d say uncomplicated and tastefull, beautifully played, loved the acoustic guitars, and vocal cheers
  12. Doug OOh stop it ! that guitar sound is just so right , I was singing along from the get go , bloody love this , just so clean and with that reverb which was never over the top like I said just right........ cheers...ps if ever you need a backing singer let me know
  13. Paul Bush


    Hi Allan , I know how difficult it is to write songs I really struggle at times where I just hit a brick wall and more often than not, file it for another day, or persivere and thatsjust bloody painfull so I can appriciate the work you put into your songs I just dont have the guts to be quirky or original and have enough self confidence to be so I aim at the middle of the road way too often and that`s not what music is all about ...keep doing what youre doing and i´ll keep listening ..cheers Paul
  14. Paul Bush


    Mike Leigh`s ``life is sweet ´´ and ``Raining stones´´ by Ken Loach are both clasic british social drama`s these two directors are both exclent the films are gritty real life amost docu style they ``let the kettle boil until its boiled ´´ cheers
  15. Hi Noyneker , it really is a puzzleI´m using EZdrums toontracks so everything should be in time and in sync , I think I´m going to have to grasp the nettle and start the drums from scratch , although frought with disaster but Ithink I have no other option , thanks for your comments and of course your not being negative just honest cheers
  16. Paul Bush


    David, I dont know why but once again your music just pulls at my heartstrings , nothing to do at first with the visuals. There´s a british film directer (Ken loach ) and many others who way back 70`s - 80`s wrote some fantasic social study films with bitter sweet themes and once again this piece transposes me back to that time , theres such an emptyness,and helplessness and then at one point the sky opened up just for a glimpse of happiness and then back to well.... ..empyness .........thats just my take of it and how it works for me ...cheers
  17. Hi chaps , well once again thanks for taking the time for the tips- comments of the rough mix etc.... first off the bat I got rid of that awful photo and Ive adressed those timing problems the best I could and Ive tweaked the overal sound and a decent mixdown ( I think), so I´ll look forward to any comments, critque, etc cheers
  18. Thanks Nigel you are so kind , I sort of let it down with that photo though hahaha cheers
  19. Thanks for taking the time to comment Wookie , I´ve re recorded the bass and the keys , I´m off for a lay down and I´ll do a new mix cheers
  20. Hi Gary , thanks for the nice comments , It started out as a bit of ``cliche´´ three chord thing , as soon as the oohs popped up it changed the structure a tad and made it more slightly more intresting , that said nothing wrong with musical cliche`s all my songs are based on them cheers
  21. Paul Bush

    Young Love

    Great guitar riffs, chord structure, this is the real deal this one is top notch thanks for making me re-evaluate my petty songs , now I know how Eric Clapton felt when he saw Jimi Hendrix live .......cheeeers
  22. I cant explain why ,but I like it ,its got that indie off grid technicolour sound maybe the cover photo influenced me , it sounds like a soundtrack from a independant film cheers
  23. Paul Bush

    Gliding Over All

    Uhmmmmm meandering along nicely, could listen to this for hour`s cheers
  24. Paul Bush

    Love is Love

    RR great vocals love the harmonies theyre so difficlut to do , I really struggle with mine so I can appriciate the hard work you `ve put in well done cheers
  25. super recording, and guitar work, vocals lots in there great song
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