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  1. Now I see the Bus Pane and am able to set it. Unfortunately now I am getting a lot of noise on playback and record. I think what I really need is a tutorial that will go through the basic steps of setting up. Is there something available? How did you learn to do this?
  2. I don't see the place to set the master I/O. I must be missing a step in the process.
  3. Things were working fine until I opened a Cakewalk project while not attached to my Focusrite interface. Now I get the message that Master is assigned to silent output. How do I reconnect Master to my Focusrite? I don't see anyplace to do it. The Audio & Midi Setup function seems somewhat limited and seems to apply only to new projects. Thanks.
  4. All greats suggestions but this one thing seemed to help the most: Also under the track menu, make sure Options | Stop at project end is selected.
  5. How do I get rid of dead air at the end of a song? Not sure how it got there but I would like to get rid of it.
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