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  1. great tip @Promidi - have now set up multiple presets to use for velocities over 110 (to introduce headroom), events excluding lyrics and other common repeated edit selections. What a timesaver.👍 Thanks for sharing.
  2. Thanks Promidi - I had forgotten that feature was there. Its a bit long winded when I just want to copy a few midi notes here and there but at least it works.
  3. Hi Hope this is the right forum.... I use a basic midi piano to write the melody for my songs. Usual approach I use is one syllable per midi note then I give it to a real singer who turns it into a human articulated melody. The problem I have is that each time I edit midi notes, e.g. to copy a melody to another point in the song, I can't prevent Cakewalk copying the lyrics too. Similarly when deleting midi notes I find the associated word has also been deleted. This is not what I want to happen and very quickly turns my lyrics into meaningless characters. Is there a way to edit midi notes, cut/copy/paste, without affecting the associated lyrics? many thanks GBT
  4. Hi Mark I'd still appreciate the previous installer file if possible but I think I resolved the problems. Seems my Sapphire ASIO buffer size had been set to 32 during the update from the 256 I normally set it to. Once I changed the size back the distortion stopped. Cheers GBT
  5. Hi Mark Thanks, I tried that - no change. The only way I can stop the distortion is to remove the plugin and as it is my final stage mastering plugin (Ozone) that is now causing the distortion/pops/clicks I cant just remove it :) All other plugins seem to be working fine so not sure why it is only Ozone that is problematic now. Are there other channels to get previous cakewalk builds so I can roll back from yesterdays update? I will then follow your great idea to copy the installer to a different location to avoid the problem in future. Cheers GBT
  6. Hi Mark Apologies if this is not the correct/appropriate channel, but I just allowed the Bandlab update and now a number of my mastering plugins are generating distortion/pops/clicks. All was fine prior to the update but like many others I didnt realise there was no 'uninstall update' option to revert back to a previous version. It seems like you have previous installer versions - could I beg one off you too? Regards GBT
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