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  1. Hi scook I have solved this problem! It seems that the prochannel presets rely on the onboard PC soundcard being enabled. I have a Focusrite saffire pro driven off a dedicated firewire card that serves all of my PC related sounds. While cleaning up my PC I disabled the onboard HD soundcard as I never use it. Apparantly, prochannel does for some weird and wonderful reason - go figure! Thanks for the suggestions though. GBT
  2. Nope, folder is as per install - uncompressed. Ownership and access rights are also the same as the other folders in 'cakewalk content'. Any idea if there are previous versions that I could download to downgrade the version and see if that resolves? Cheers GBT
  3. Thanks Scook I realised I posted the wrong screenshot. The presets are actually where they are supposed to be according to the registry (as per the path you listed). The folder has unrestricted access (set by the original install) so it is visible to all users/apps. I can see the preset the track is using (guitar - electric dirtbag.pcp) but no matter what I do in cakewalk I cant select any preset through the pro-channel strip. GBT
  4. Hi All Suddenly (possibly after installing the latest patch (version 2020.01 build 28 64bit)), I cannot access my prochannel presets - neither the included ones or ones I have created/saved in the past. I can hover the mouse over the name of the preset in the console view but I cannot click through to select one. It affects brand new songs as well as songs that have already been mastered months ago - I can see the preset that has been used but cannot open the folder to change it or add one to a new track. Anyone come across this and know how to get it working again? I have rebooted the pc, tried 'E' to close and open all effect buckets just in case but nothing brings them back on line. Thanks GBT
  5. great tip @Promidi - have now set up multiple presets to use for velocities over 110 (to introduce headroom), events excluding lyrics and other common repeated edit selections. What a timesaver.👍 Thanks for sharing.
  6. Thanks Promidi - I had forgotten that feature was there. Its a bit long winded when I just want to copy a few midi notes here and there but at least it works.
  7. Hi Hope this is the right forum.... I use a basic midi piano to write the melody for my songs. Usual approach I use is one syllable per midi note then I give it to a real singer who turns it into a human articulated melody. The problem I have is that each time I edit midi notes, e.g. to copy a melody to another point in the song, I can't prevent Cakewalk copying the lyrics too. Similarly when deleting midi notes I find the associated word has also been deleted. This is not what I want to happen and very quickly turns my lyrics into meaningless characters. Is there a way to edit midi notes, cut/copy/paste, without affecting the associated lyrics? many thanks GBT
  8. Hi Mark I'd still appreciate the previous installer file if possible but I think I resolved the problems. Seems my Sapphire ASIO buffer size had been set to 32 during the update from the 256 I normally set it to. Once I changed the size back the distortion stopped. Cheers GBT
  9. Hi Mark Thanks, I tried that - no change. The only way I can stop the distortion is to remove the plugin and as it is my final stage mastering plugin (Ozone) that is now causing the distortion/pops/clicks I cant just remove it :) All other plugins seem to be working fine so not sure why it is only Ozone that is problematic now. Are there other channels to get previous cakewalk builds so I can roll back from yesterdays update? I will then follow your great idea to copy the installer to a different location to avoid the problem in future. Cheers GBT
  10. Hi Mark Apologies if this is not the correct/appropriate channel, but I just allowed the Bandlab update and now a number of my mastering plugins are generating distortion/pops/clicks. All was fine prior to the update but like many others I didnt realise there was no 'uninstall update' option to revert back to a previous version. It seems like you have previous installer versions - could I beg one off you too? Regards GBT
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