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  1. I have 128, 256 and 512. You just add a file to the correct location and bobs your uncle, can't recall the specifics now, but it was easy as
  2. I had no issues with lagging with 4.5.2. You can always install any update to a new folder leaving your 4.5.1 alone and as is while checking out the new update.
  3. New features and improvements: ● Support for Native Instruments’ Komplete Kontrol MkII series keyboards ( Integration sheet is in your account under Downloads -> Misc ) ● [macOS] Support for Apple Notarization service ● "Remove Plug-in Settings" function for Plug-in Manager ● Volume automation curve now compensates logarithmic fader curve ● "Select Notes" command is now applicable to muted notes ● Channel polarity switch is now excluded from grouping ● Added commands for "vertical zoom in/out fine" ● Dragging multiple Patterns to the browser is now supported ● Improved sidechain handling for VST2 Plug-ins ● Improved Chinese localization The following issues have been fixed: ● [Mixer] Sends are hidden under certain conditions ● [Mixer] Side-chaining with Mix FX included will mute under certain conditions ● [Mixer] Lag on VCA fader adjustment ● [Scratch Pad] Wrong instrument part length when using step record ● [Scratch Pad] Lost focus when using “locate cursor” function ● [Scratch Pad] Loop range lost when dragged across arrangement border ● [Pattern Editor] Variation name cannot be edited from pattern editor toolbar ● [Audio Batch Converter] Crash on repairing sample rate with certain mp3 files ● Multi Instrument transform restore omits channel inserts ● Qwerty Keyboard device has wrong mapping in Swiss and Canadian French layout ● No input metering during record w/ tape style and disabled monitoring ● Crash on invoking "Insert Rest" command when not in Step Record mode ● When "snap" is disabled, "play selected range" won't stop when playing small audio segments ● Using Shift+S as keyboard shortcut for "Solo" triggers "Solo Safe" instead ● Random freezes on previewing MIDI files from the browser ● Softube Console 1 AU not properly unloaded on removal ● Altered metronome accent volume resets to default on relaunch ● Decimals missing in Export dialogs ● Instrument preset list and browser out of sync ● Chord track offset when chord doesn't start at event start ● Certain MP3 files won't import ● First notes missing on bounce in certain cases ● Short notes being dropped with large block sizes
  4. Yes, nothing has managed to topple BFD3 in my eyes/ears, I have decided not to bother with MODO DRUM at this stage, MODO BASS is great though, after weighing up opinions expressed by users on various forums, and well not exactly being blown away by the sound that I have heard from vids etc, the general lack of buzz from punters surrounding the product, If I was to purchase it, it likely would just be to satiate my GAS, and it would likely never get used (I'm really trying to stop that practice after purchasing Superior 3 on release and never using it) @Ryan, thank you, yes I have seen those vids, unfortunately I wasn't convinced, I may have a peak when there is a demo, but I am pretty sure I'll be leaving this one on the shelf. I had high hopes when IK let out the word after how good MODO BASS is, it instantly replaced Trilian as my goto for that use case, although playing a real bass still gets the final position. Maybe later on in development, who knows.
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