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  1. So it seems with some playing that yes it does seem to happen when you're drawing outside the track's lane, so it's an easy work-around. That doesn't change the fact that it never used to have this behaviour, though. If anything, if you draw outside the lane, it should just maximize and not glitch out.
  2. Hey all, loving the continuous development of cakewalk! I used to be able to use the sinewave pencil tool on automation lanes but it seems to only be drawing a sine for a tiny while, then it changes to the "Random" style regardless of the tool I use. Anyone know if this is a known issue or being corrected? I've attached a video. (This is the absolute latest version btw, 2019.07 build 79. It looks like it's been doing this since at least the 2019.07 update, but I haven't composed in a while and wanted to do a panbrello. Will have to improvise with other options for now) cakewalkbug.mp4
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