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  1. Hi all, bear with me as this will be a long post. I've finally decided that it was worth taking a lot of time putting this list together. I have not had a lot of good experiences posting stuff like this, most of the time I get responses like "you're using it wrong" or somehow the issue is "my fault" and that's not the experience I'm hoping to get here. I've been using Cakewalk since the late 1990s. When it came back and Bandlab revived it, I was stoked. But I should get to my point. My biggest hindering with Cakewalk nowadays is that the automation system is just completely broken. I haven't been keeping up in this forum so I apologize if I am posting things that are known issues, but I'm really hoping to see a future upgrade that fixes these things specifically: Ever since I installed Windows 11 last year, the rounded edges of the software will 'click through' to the software behind it. This is especially apparent with a console window maximized. It's April of 2022 now and this is still happening. Automations have been the buggiest things ever since Cakewalk went free, though I'm inclined to believe that some of these bugs existed well before Bandlab took over, even. Automation lanes get ignored for a bar or two whenever a loop is set in the project, and the project is playing. This makes troubleshooting loops harder. In an automation lane, when I click one note, hold shift and click another node, sometimes the envelope jumps back to its master track and the automation lane disappears until I reinitialize it. In the editor view, holding CTRL and changing a setting while having multiple tracks highlighted should apply the effect to all other highlighted tracks, just like it does in the Console view. This makes changing a project that uses 32 MIDI tracks to utilize Controller 0 as the bank swap method far easier than having to click a drop down 32 times. Or copying a send from one audio track to all highlighted audio tracks rather than having to change view modes to console view to utilize it. You cannot use this "work-around" for the MIDI bank switch method, by the way, as the console view does not have it. Sometimes when clicking a note, the note will become "primary" on that tick, causing the effect to sometimes glitch out or act as if it's playing after a note starts (I have to go into the event editor to fix this by hitting - then + on each of the notes) When you convert MIDI CC's to an automation lane, why would it default to Linear instead of Jump, the way MIDI actually works? If that's not doable, please please please give me the option to modify all lines on an automation lane to a different curve type without having to go through every line While we're on the topic of curve types...could we get more curve types than that are listed? Or at least let us be able to change the fast/slow curve types by changing their curve strength by a quick click/drag or a new tool? If I can't use Velocity as an automation lane, the option shouldn't even be there. It's there, it doesn't work. I have to use Take lanes, and of course I cannot copy the envelopes to those lanes from automation lanes Looping and automation lanes are completely broken. If there's a loop set, the automation lane nodes will sometimes get ignored after the loop. I have noticed that if I set the line to "jump" it sometimes fixes it (sometimes). As far as I can tell, MIDI automation lanes break more often than audio automation lanes do. Is a box-selection tool ever going to be created to allow me more flexibility in selecting nodes? I really would like to be able to select specific range of nodes (ie: lower volume nodes instead of higher volume nodes) instead of having to select everything Sometimes copying/pasting nodes in envelopes do not act the way you would expect them to, in that highlighting some of the selected area doesn't always copy say, the last node or two. I have done many livestreams on YouTube about stuff like this breaking so I will try not to bore you by looking for the issues in those youtube videos, I am also working two jobs so it might be very hard for me to go looking specifically for those times, these are just the issues I've remembered. Some of them may have been fixed already. Thank you for letting me rant, I needed to explain these issues, and if there are any specific points you need my help to try and reproduce, I have no problems taking videos. And maybe soon I can live stream to my YouTube audience and not have them listening to me complain about how the interface isn't working properly :) Then all I'll have to complain about is to iLok how if I have OBS open for a long period of time, it causes Cakewalk to literally take 10 minutes to load iLok VSTs like the Slate Plugins or something similar.
  2. Okay, so I finally figured it out. It turns out I had a mackie control surface set up that actually was sending MIDI information out the port constantly. Once I deleted the device, it started playing normally again and the flashing on the MIDI Out LED on my interface stopped. This is good to know in case other people have this issue in the future I guess.
  3. Hi, Thanks for taking time to look at this. I'm having trouble with Cakewalk's MIDI out. My interface's OUT LED indicator is flashing extremely fast, and when I connect the MIDI cable from my OUT to my device's IN, it's causing my Kurzweil K1200 to freeze and I can't use it. Pressing Keys will indicate Key-ons to the K1200's MIDI LED indicator (which doesn't flash constantly either, or if it does I can't see it). Pressing Keys does not result in any sound though. I confirmed that other MIDI sequencers such as REAPER does not have this issue. When I loop back the MIDI cable into the interface, and shut off MIDI input from that device in Cakewalk, and use Bidule to MIDI Monitor, I get note-on's and note-offs, but it doesn't show me exactly what's causing the MIDI Out to flash so quickly. I should stress, this is not an interface issue, or a cable issue, this seems to be something that changed in Cakewalk's handling of MIDI Devices. It does not happen in other MIDI Sequencers. I have a 60fps video if you would like to see it (I apologize for my messy desk lol) Thank you in advance!
  4. So it seems with some playing that yes it does seem to happen when you're drawing outside the track's lane, so it's an easy work-around. That doesn't change the fact that it never used to have this behaviour, though. If anything, if you draw outside the lane, it should just maximize and not glitch out.
  5. Hey all, loving the continuous development of cakewalk! I used to be able to use the sinewave pencil tool on automation lanes but it seems to only be drawing a sine for a tiny while, then it changes to the "Random" style regardless of the tool I use. Anyone know if this is a known issue or being corrected? I've attached a video. (This is the absolute latest version btw, 2019.07 build 79. It looks like it's been doing this since at least the 2019.07 update, but I haven't composed in a while and wanted to do a panbrello. Will have to improvise with other options for now) cakewalkbug.mp4
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