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  1. Hello to every one I just make it short. For those who have outboard gears, it is necessary to be able to use mono line out of one stereo pair( for example left output)in one instance of external insert plugin on track A, while using the other mono out(right output) of the same pair in another instance of the plugin on track B. This way we can use all the line outs of interface without wasting any. Please make it possible !!!
  2. I am with you on this. very nice addition.
  3. Thanks for your attention. In mega project template where you have load hundreds of track and soft synths search function will be handy. Extenal fx plugin is a plugin which routs audio to outside of cakewalk and then return it back to cakewalk via in/out of your audio hardware. it is specifically used for usin external hardware effect as a vst. I meant this plug needs improvement. Regarding notation I need more real world like fonts and note shapes and better general handling of notation. better zoomin. pedal sign improvements and so on..... Yes I am sure the recent version is far more stable than any release before. I just simply meant professionals need stability and in order to make cakewalk greater than before bug fixing should be continued.
  4. Hello everyone. Cakewalk is a woderful Daw and I am using it for 18 years. I even have the v700 console. I believe it can be at the top of every professional composer and sound engineer list. But it has to impliment some features which is needed by professinals These are some of my needs as a professional. 1. adding the Connect/disconnect synth botton at the very top row of each instrument track 2. ability to add sub folder to the track folder. 3. ability to resort synth track manually or by syncing to track order 4. search fuction for tracks and synths which are already loaded 5.better external fx plugin 6. adding chord track 7. better notation handling. 8. woking with all major control surfaces available regarding this fact that VS700 as about to die. 9.being more stable while working with lots of soft synths in huge MIDI projects. 10. ability to write simple script for controlling and managing tracks and other stuff in crowded projects. 11. improving GUI look ( not that important). 12.Bug fixing, bug fixing and again bug fixing. best wishes for all of you who keep this nice software alive.
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