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  1. 1) Any suggestions for a computer $500 or less that really works well with Cakewalk? I hear 512 gb hard drive is good for DAW. Can you get that at $500 or less? 2) I've been able to produce three songs with Cakewalk on a free, new Acer Switch - kind of a tablet/keyboard hybrid. (I have it hooked up to a big screen w/mouse for production.) The Acer Switch has been glitchy at times though in Cakewalk, and I've had to save my work often, plus be very careful with tasks, so I don't lose them. I have few, if any other, things running on it that I know of besides Cakewalk DAW. With the latest song though, I'm running into many issues. It started well, getting six tracks uploaded from my TASCOM-008 portable recorder. But it fell apart after that -- the cursor arrow blinks with a spinning blue circle around it.............when I click on a track to move the timing line, tracks disappear.............. and now I can't open up the project in Cakewalk - it says it is not there, or that something else is running and I need to switch to it. But I cannot switch to what is running because the box is locked up. I checked and I have (only?) 14gb free on the Acer. I imagine that's a problem? The Acer Switch runs on Windows 10 pro 64-bit. 58gb hard drive. Intel 1.44 GHz processor. Intel HD graphics. Network device 1 is Qualcomm Atheros QCA61x4A Wireless Network adaptor. Network device two is RealTek USB GbE Family Controller #2 Can I upgrade this Acer Switch with 512 gb hard drive to make it work better for Cakewalk? Or are there other modifications that would help? Or is it kind of useless with a computer/tablet of this sort, and I should pop for a better set-up. I do not have alot of tech background, but I am pretty good at following directions. Thanks, You Very Smart Dudes. I really appreciate the help I have received here in the past!!
  2. Cool. Thanks Scook, this helps a ton! One last question - what does DP LE stand for? Is that the Garritan Orchestra? Bob
  3. Bob David

    Old Sonar "XL Pack" CD

    I came across two CDs in perfect condition while cleaning out my garage. 1) The Sonar Home Studio installation disc. 2) An XL Pack that includes all the stuff listed in my tags to this post. This XL Pack was included with the Sonar Home Studio installation disc. The first CD installation disc is unneeded, correct, because I am using the free downloaded Cakewalk by Bandlab? I'd like to know then how to utilize the Sonar XL Pack.......... with Cakewalk by Bandlab. (The XL Pack add-ons are not included in the free Bandlab Cakewalk, correct?) I bought a DVD writer to upload the XL Pack CD to my computer, but have not hooked up the DVD writer yet. Thanks, Bob
  4. This is helping David Baay. I'm finding parts of it, maybe all of it, in these folders. Thanks so much!
  5. When I was exporting a track (or tracks) in WAV so I could get it to a friend, the audio waves just disappeared on all 18 tracks. The track title and all that stuff is still there on the left side, but where the audio sound waves should be on the right side, it's just black. I tried exporting both a single track (didn't work) and then all the tracks (didn't work). Not sure when this happened, but it happened during one of those processes. I have already tried the hide/show button. Did I just send my whole song into the etherland of the lost?
  6. When I open a cakewalk project, it keeps adding tracks, one after the other, and locking most everything else up. It was up to 238 tracks when i shut it down last time. I deleted/uninstalled everything from my first bandlab assistant and cakewalk download attempt because I was having the "demo" problem where I couldn't save any tracks. After uninstalling everything, I re-installed bandlab assistant first, then cakewalk daw through the assistant. So I think I'm cool with a good download. But when I open up cakewalk now, it keeps adding track upon track upon track. I've tried a number of things to get it to stop doing this, to no avail. Thanks for any help with this. bob
  7. I believe I downloaded bdlb asst first, then cakewalk so i think that is right. but when i open a cakewalk project, it keeps adding tracks and locking everything else up. it was up to 238 tracks when i shut it down last time. thanks for any help with this. bob
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