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  1. The articulation pane doesn't show for me even when using the splitter. And I'm using Build 85.
  2. Thank you, Scook. I will definitely give this a go over the next week sometime!
  3. Is there an answer to this puzzle? I never had a problem with Softube plugins until recently, say in the past 6 - 12 months, so it might be a problem caused by a Windows 10 update, I don't know. But as soon as I insert a Softube plugin a project, a C000000005 error comes up and the program closes. This is preventing me using my dozen Softube plugins.
  4. G'day, Mark in Scotland ... Having recently updated to the latest version (2019_07), I find that I cannot revert to previous project versions. I've lodged the issue with BandLab's FB page but meanwhile I need to get on with things! Are you able to supply me with the previous update?
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