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  1. Thanks,indeed it helped to restart the graphics. It was graphics acceleration problem not a sound interface performance problem.
  2. I don't understand why I am the only one with this problem. Maybe I'M the only one still using Windows 7? On my Windows 10 Install the new update has no such problems. Anyone else using Win7? Audio interfaces are one ;Mbox 2 and a UA25EX and a internal Realtek (H97Chipset, 750Ti Graphics). Everything standard. And I have the Stuttering with all 3 Interfaces, every driver (WDM, Asio, MME, Wasapi etc.).
  3. Help. You totally screwed up with me. The playback marker jumps and stutters no matter what interface or driver. Win7 64bit.
  4. Since last update (11/2019) the playback marker ist stuttering. No matter what interface or driver. Win7 (64bit)
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