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  1. @scook Thanks for the reply! This is the workaround for now. A minor setback but does the job! @Herbert Miron Appreciate you doing the video! Even though that doesn't work for the VST moving the automation along with it, you brought the selection options to my attention that I never really paid any mind too. Nice to know I can move/copy clips around without automation at the click of the button instead of manually deleting them afterwards or deselecting them before moving them. A big time saver! Thanks for the suggestions 👊👊
  2. Hello community, Is there a way to move the automation with the VST if you move the VST from track say 40 to 41? It of course moves the VST no problem but you lose your automation You can't move the VST then copy and paste because the automation lanes will disappear (or become orphaned) after moving the VST Sometimes you want to move the VST without any automation (it does this by default) so maybe you can select the automation lanes you want (by having automation lanes open and viewable) with the VST when dragging to new track Any suggestions are welcome, thanks! Jay
  3. Okay thanks all! @Base 57 - Good info. It appears 1800 may be the default count of measures when starting a new project. Because I use the Alt-Mouse wheel to zoom in and out (also "Center on Now Time with Keyboard Zoom" in the the track pane options) I'm constantly zooming out to this huge 1800 measure project when most of us probably use 100 measures on a 120 BPM track I can try and chill out on the "zoom out" feature I suppose lol. I work in after effects a bit and do the same mouse behavior (zoom in and out) but it's all contained in your "Composition Settings" ie. a 3 minute video clip. Makes navigating a breeze and the zooming features nice since you don't have to zoom out into a 2 hour movie clip if you're only working on a 3 minute video clip FIX (SORT OF) - I went into the Track Pane "Options" Played with the "Mouse Wheel Zoom Options" and set the Horizontal Zoom Factor to 1.2 (instead of 1.5) It seems to be keeping my timeline within the sweet spot. Showing 256 measures (which is great!) instead of 1800. That and maybe some better mouse skills and I'm good Still like the idea of being able to tell Cakewalk how many measures are in your compositions as it will always keep the track window nice and tight but we can't have everything LOL. If you wanted to increase your project length, just dragging over some new clips could increase it as necessary I should be alright now. Appreciate the help! I was taught on Cakewalk, glad the community is still strong 💪💪🍻
  4. Hey!! Appreciate the responses!! Tried and learned from everyone. @OutrageProductions - I did delete the automation lanes but forgot about bus automation which I needed gone for my template @Airell - Thanks for getting me the youtube video with time stamp ready to go. I will be revisiting those secrets as it seems like a treasure trove of info. Good tip about hidden automation in the tempo view @MikeZ - Good info @bitflipper - Good info but it wasn't the bounce issue, more when I'm zooming out with mouse and I have too many measures which messes up my workflow Was going to start fresh so opened up a fresh new project and same thing... 1800 measures (tried screenshotting but couldn't attach the picture) If any programmers catch this, would be an amazing feature to have a "Measure Count" or "Composition Length" box in the preferences. Makes navigating work area a lot easier! Thanks everyone, I'll keep my eye on this J 🍻
  5. Hello friends! Problem is in the title. Have read 9 different threads on how to delete empty measures you do not want at the end of a project. Becomes a hassle when you're zooming in and out via shortcuts/mouse. Have tried ripple edit/delete special/delete hole etc... Can't get rid of all those extra measures 😭 Trying to make a template for around 130 measures but it goes up to 1800 something measures. In After Effects you can specify how long you want your composition to be. Easy. Cut and dry. It could be my reading comprehension but seen a few long time users have fought with this for decades. Any help would be great or maybe this could get bumped to a suggestion post?! Thanks, J
  6. @Nigel Mackay Great tip! Appreciated 🍻🍻
  7. Thanks for responses. It's the active track selection that gets me in trouble. For some reason I tend to have multiple tracks highlighted at once. Also get in some trouble with that copying and pasting. Would love the option to add/change a key to invoke the quick group selection, otherwise I just have to be more careful I guess. Definitely has been better since CbB 2019.09 though. Cheers!
  8. Hey guys, Wondering if there is a workaround or a way to change what the CTRL button keyboard shortcut does. When you press it (by accident in my case when the orange light pops up) it will change every value in the project. Example - Hit the enable/disable button on the compressor in the pro channel will turn on every compressor in the project. It's a cool feature when it's wanted but my issue is I usually have my finger on the SHIFT key alot for the precise adjustments so I often hit the CTRL by accident and with one stroke of the key, your whole mix can get fried. Have destroyed many a mix this way (for a while didn't know what I did wrong lol) You cannot undo it either Tried going into the keyboard shortcuts in preferences to change it but there is no parameter for just the CTRL key. A CTRL + another key to do that global type function would be great as it would be alot harder to make that mistake. If anyone has some workarounds, would love to hear them. Always save is the mantra of course but usually I'm not aware I even did it till it's too late. Anywho, any advice is appreciated, thanks! J
  9. Thanks for helping out @pwalpwal ! Experimented with the MFX Event Filter but still wasn't able to isolate the one note without it deleting all other notes. Hoping Cakewalk can get the velocity MFX to work on single notes in the piano roll or just get the run cal to work properly 🍻
  10. Thanks for replies guys! I stumbled on MFX before, glad I'm reacquainted. Is there any way of running MFX velocity on just a set of notes (ie. the hihats in the piano roll) I can only get it to work on the whole midi clip. Workaround is throwing the hats on it's own MIDI track, kind of a pain. The VARYVEL Cal is quick and easy but in my case, works when it wants to lol 🍻🍻
  11. The VARYVEL lower limit doesn't work. No matter the low limit, it always sets it to around 38 or 39. Please fix! 🙏
  12. Hey Guys, great work! New forum looks good! Love your product, been using it forever. Automation has always been a little dodgy but is getting better Since update having a hard time right clicking with the smart tool as used to be able to draw a box around nodes fairly easy then move them where I want. Now when I right click to draw box for selected nodes it chooses alot not in box. Have to unclick them one by one using CTR command. Throwing it out there, continue the great work!! Edit: It's working normally on a Send to Bus Comp but not on a volume automation
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