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  1. Thanks for helping out @pwalpwal ! Experimented with the MFX Event Filter but still wasn't able to isolate the one note without it deleting all other notes. Hoping Cakewalk can get the velocity MFX to work on single notes in the piano roll or just get the run cal to work properly 🍻
  2. Thanks for replies guys! I stumbled on MFX before, glad I'm reacquainted. Is there any way of running MFX velocity on just a set of notes (ie. the hihats in the piano roll) I can only get it to work on the whole midi clip. Workaround is throwing the hats on it's own MIDI track, kind of a pain. The VARYVEL Cal is quick and easy but in my case, works when it wants to lol 🍻🍻
  3. The VARYVEL lower limit doesn't work. No matter the low limit, it always sets it to around 38 or 39. Please fix! 🙏
  4. Hey Guys, great work! New forum looks good! Love your product, been using it forever. Automation has always been a little dodgy but is getting better Since update having a hard time right clicking with the smart tool as used to be able to draw a box around nodes fairly easy then move them where I want. Now when I right click to draw box for selected nodes it chooses alot not in box. Have to unclick them one by one using CTR command. Throwing it out there, continue the great work!! Edit: It's working normally on a Send to Bus Comp but not on a volume automation
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