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  1. Nice to know! Particularly interested in the VX-64 Vocal Strip. I've never installed Sonar, and they're there for me, so PopStarWannabe isn't right.
  2. Are they different? This could be what's going wrong...
  3. Ah - now here's the thing I guess that might be unique to my workflow. Much of my A/B testing isn't levels - it's different FX settings, amp simulations, routing, etc. Might be a bit much for mix recall. That's OK - I've lived without it this far, just thought it would be nice.
  4. Thanks for the videos - it seems my problem was I wasn't waiting for the whole project to reload. Is that how it's meant to work? I didn't think reloading all the VST instruments, etc was necessary - but that's what it does.
  5. Awesome, thanks. I'll have a good read and figure out where I was going wrong Cheers!
  6. Hello. I'm relatively new to Cakewalk - giving it a go since I love the idea of having a built-in channel strip, and was pleasantly surprised to see what used to be Sonar is now free! Anyway, the mix scenes concept intrigued me - in Reaper I've literally been saving different versions of the project and skipping back and forth between them in tabs. But I can't get the mix scenes to work - nothing seems to happen when I switch between them. I was trying to play two different guitar mixes against each other without having to manually adjust it each time, but nothing happens when I switch between the scenes. Am I doing something wrong? Is this not what it's for? Related: is it possible to have two projects open, whether in tabs like Reaper or some other way? And is the file/folder clean-up function as simple as Reaper, once you've decided on a mix? Thanks!
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