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  1. Yes, i set the sonar project tempo to match fruityloops, then import the wave file. And what you are saying is not the issue anyway. There is no "morphing" of a wave file when importing it. A wave file will always have the same tempo it was rendered at when one imports it into sonar. You can then change it by other means once its in sonar, but if your wave file is 50 bpm and you import it into a sonar project that is 72 bpm, its still going to be a 50 bpm tempo wave file. It just wont match your 72 bpm click tempo in sonar.
  2. Im finding wave files that are exported out of fruityloops at a particular bpm, drift from a corresponding bpm when imported into a sonar project. I just checked this issue in reaper and i am not seeing the same thing. Infact, i exported the audio out of reaper and it is correct when i import it into sonar. So to be clear, my fruityloop project is 150bpm. I set up a sonar project same bpm/sampling rate, etc. Import wave files from fruityloops into the sonar project and they do not line up on the time grid and drift from the established 150bpm in sonar.
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