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  1. eric chevrier: Hey, Eric, How are you, my friend, hope you're doing well!😀 Thank you very much for checking out the video for me, and also for your very kind words of encouragement! I really appreciate your input, and I'm grateful that you liked the song and video!😀 Have a great weekend! Bob
  2. Hey, Mark, It's absolutely FANTASTIC to see you finally made it over here to the new forum!😀 This amazing cover is absolutely outstanding!👍 As always, you did a spectacular job on recreating all the elements of the original song and arrangement, but added a really cool modern vibe, and your excellent production skills really shine through on this radio-ready mix. Outstanding performances on all the instrumentation, as usual from you, I love that creamy guitar tone and tasty playing, and Bacco's vocals were phenomenal! This is probably one of the first songs I ever heard in my life, at around 2 or 3 years old, because my parents loved Nat King Coal and had all of his albums on 16 RPM vinyl albums. Believe it or not, I think they're still all packed in boxes up in my attic! This song brings back a lot of warm memories from my childhood.😀 Anyway, it's always great to hear something new from you, and really good to see you around on the new forum. I'm looking forward to hearing some more soon, don't be a stranger, buddy! Have a good one, Mark! Bob
  3. Hey, This is a really cool modern metal rocker with dynamite playing and excellent vocals!😀 To me, the mix sounds pretty close for the genre, but I think you might be right about possibly backing off the compressor a bit to give it a little more breathing room and dynamics, and then adding a touch of low end punch to fill it out some. Great song and band, killer job on all the performances, nicely done!👍 Have a good one! Bob
  4. Hey, Wook, This is a pretty cool sounding piece of experimental electronica!😀 Great choice of synths and a nicely textured mix, and I agree about it having a cinematic vibe, and could easily picture it as part of a film soundtrack.👍 The drawing is pretty cool too, and a bit ominous. I always love when musical inspiration sparks up from different media, events and elements, and how a single glance at art work, a book, a movie or even a look at the sky or a scenic panorama can inspire a complete story and musical piece. Good stuff!😀 Nice work, my friend, and have a great day! Bob
  5. Johnbee58: Hi, John, Thank you so much! I truly appreciate you taking time to check out the video for me, and also for your very kind comments!😀 By the way, very nice work on your new patriotic song and video, great song and very important message!👍 Thanks again, John, it's always great to hear from another Pennsylvania musician!😀 Have a great week! Bob
  6. Hey, Charlie, Fantastic video, brother! Dynamite playing, excellent tone and smooth fluidity!😀 This is one of my all time favorites. My most recent cover band opened with that song 70% of the time for the twelve years we were together, and actually, way back when "Get Your Wings" was first released, my high school garage band played it, along with "Lord of the Thighs" and "Train Kept a Rollin". I never realized Dick Wagner played the solo, although I liked a lot of his stuff with both versions of Alice Cooper, and one of my bands played Lou Reed's version of "Sweet Jane" which Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter also played on. He was always a fantastic hired gun studio musician! Anyway, excellent work, Chuck, great video!👍 Have a good one, buddy! Bob
  7. Hi, John, You've got a really well done, patriotic song with a deep message and great meaningful lyrics!😀 Nicely written, arranged and performed, the keyboards are outstanding, and the mix sounds right on the money.👍 I saw your more detailed post yesterday, but at the time I couldn't listen and reply because I was away from the studio and reading the forum on my phone. I just want to say I agree with you 100 percent. Tomorrow is the 75th anniversary of my father, and many other brave fathers, sons, brothers and uncles landing on the beach in Normandy, and giving their all to allow us the right to fly our flag proudly and freely. I would feel sorry for any idiot like the one in the article that you mentioned, that would dare try to rip the flag off the front of my house! Let's just leave it at that.😀 Anyway, nice job on the song and video, great work, John! Best wishes, Bob
  8. michaelhanson: Hey, Mike, Thanks so much, buddy, I really appreciate you checking out the video for me, and your encouraging comments!😀 You, Reece, and Sean always do a fantastic job on your Scandalous Grace stuff, always great writing and excellent musicianship!👍 Thanks again, and have a Rockin' week! Bob
  9. Bob Oister


    Hey Douglass, This is a really good song with a cool laid back groove, great playing and excellent vocals, and a nice clean well textured mix!😀 I really like the clean guitar fills throughout and also the tasty solo. The song sort of reminds of something "The Band" or maybe the 70's era "Grateful Dead" would do, and I mean that as a compliment.👍 If you're not done mixing or you're remixing it, my only minor suggestion would be to cut the guitar hum at 0:03 and 3:35, it's probably there the entire time, but it's only really noticeable for a few seconds at those two spots. Anyway, definitely a dynamite song, great stuff!😀 Have a good one, buddy! Bob
  10. Leadfoot: Hey, Bob, It's really great to see you back on the forum, buddy!😀 Thank you so much for checking out the new video for me, and for the very encouraging comments! I really appreciate your input, observations and support on my stuff, greatly appreciated! Excellent job on your new post, it's a real rocker and a fantastic tribute to your dad, dynamite stuff!👍 Thanks again, and have a Rockin' week! Bob
  11. Bob Oister

    Dad's Song

    Hi, Bob, Dynamite job on this fantastic tribute rocker!😀 Great writing, arrangement, excellent playing, killer vocals and I loved the butt-kicking guitar solo.🤘 I'm sure your Dad is smiling down listening to this great tribute! SUPER stuff, brother, right up my alley!👍 Have a good one! Bob
  12. Hey, Dave, It's great to see you back on the forum, and sincere best wishes for a speedy recovery! I'm sure you'll be out playing live with your band again very soon!😀 By the way, I still miss the old "Techniques" forum on the Mother site. I always used to look forward to You, DMBaer, Craig Anderton, etc. posting interesting and informative articles and tips that were always very helpful! Anyway, great to see you back and get well soon, brother!👍 Bob
  13. kakku: Hey, Kakku, Thank you so much for coming back for a second listen to this for me!😀 I truly appreciate your input and your very encouraging comments, and I'm grateful that you enjoyed the video! Your new dance electronica post, "Edilades" was excellent, really well done, my friend!👍 Thanks again and have a great week! Bob
  14. Bob Oister

    Edilades, pop

    Hi, Kakku, It's really great to see you on the new forum and to hear a new song from you!😀 This is a great sounding piece of dance electronica, with excellent synth work and composition, great playing and lots of cool melodies! The modern sounding mix sounds clean, wide and punchy, and I could easily imagine hearing this being played in a dance club in any big city. Excellent work, my friend, very cool song!👍 Best wishes, Bob
  15. Hi, Lynn, I must have missed this on the old songs forum, but this is really quirky and cool with lots of interesting parts weaving in and out throughout the entire song!😀 Great lyrics and fun arrangement, with excellent musicianship and killer vocals. The mix is clean as a whistle, and clear, wide and punchy with great spatial detail and perfect panning. Very cool song, Lynn, I'm glad you gave it another shot, I definitely think it's a real keeper!👍 Great stuff, buddy, have a good one! Bob
  16. Bob Oister

    Plan 9

    Hi, Bjorn, This is a pretty cool piece of tasty synth work!😀 Nice choice of synths, the theremin from Omnisphere sounds great, and the mix sounds clean, modern and well textured. I think the movie dialog fits really well with the tension and spacey vibe of the instrumentation, adding another layer to the theme of the track. Way back when I was a teenager, the local Drive-In theaters around here used to always include "Plan 9 From outer Space" in their "Dusk to Dawn" oldie and sci-fi features, so I actually remember seeing at least parts of it! LOL!😁 Anyway, nice work, cool stuff!👍 Have a good one, Bob
  17. Hi, Wow! This is fantastic all the way around!😀 Excellent songwriting and arrangement, outstanding musical and vocal performances, and a fresh sounding, clean, modern mix! I love the creamy clean guitar tones and tasty guitar fills, and the vocals are really dynamite. I definitely agree with John's "Radio-Ready" comment, the mix sounds pro all the way.👍 Excellent work, thanks for sharing! Best wishes, Bob
  18. Hey, Kenny, Absolutely beautiful playing, as always from you, and tasty melodies combined with gorgeous tone!😀 I really love the crisp clean tone at the beginning, and then how the subtle change to the slightly cranked up edgy tone at around 2:11 provides really nice contrast and shows off the fluidity in your excellent playing. Dynamite stuff, Kenny, it's always great to hear a new post from you on the forum, buddy!👍 Have a good one! Bob
  19. Bob Oister


    Hi, Juha, This is absolutely fantastic!👍 Great writing and musicianship, excellent performances by both of you, and the mix sounds clean and punchy. I actually think her vocals are outstanding and her voice is perfect for the genre. Her vocals on Divided remind me a lot of Nightwish, which I really like, and the track sounds dynamite. Excellent work, really good song!😀 Best wishes, Bob
  20. Hey, Wook! It's always great to hear something new from you, buddy!👍 This is really cool and quirky with that nice punchy lead synth, and it sort of reminds me of early 80's Jan Hammer type stuff!😀 For the record, I prefer Mix 2 because I think the added low end gives the song a bit more body and texture. My only minor suggestion would be to maybe raise the volume of the drums just a dB or so, to let them add a little extra punch to the tasty synth work. Of course, as always, just my subjective opinion and the song sounds great as is! I also really liked the little flourish at the very end with the ringing cymbal, nice touch. Nice one, John, great stuff as always from you, keep 'em coming, my friend!😀 Have a good one, Bob
  21. kakku: Hey, Kakku, how are you, my friend? It's really great to see you made it over here to the new forum!😀 Thank you so much for checking out this new video for me, and for your very kind comments, greatly appreciated!👍 Thanks again and have a great weekend! Bob
  22. Cookie Jarvis: Hey, Bill, how are you, buddy? Hope you're having a great week! Thanks so much for taking time to check this video out for me and also for the very kind comments!😀 I greatly appreciate your input and value your opinion highly!👍 Thanks again and have a great night! Bob
  23. Joad: Yes, Sir, it takes a little extra effort to set up the guitar to be able to handle and stay in tune with the added amount of slack on the strings, but for certain songs, I think it's worth the effort to get the deeper, heavier dark sound for hard rock and metal. I've set up two of my guitars specifically for really low drop and other oddball tunings. The main guitar on this song was my PRS Paul Allender Signature model show below. I'm also lucky enough to have a Line 6 Variax modeling guitar that allows you to create and save your own custom tunings directly to the electronics in the guitar without changing the string tension, so when you're playing the feel is just like standard tuning with normal tension, because there are no actual changes to the strings. It's pretty cool. Thanks again, buddy, have a good one!😀 Bob
  24. Joad: Hey, Thanks for checking out the video, buddy, I greatly appreciate you taking time to check it out and your encouraging comments!😀 While I do use a lot of Drop D on my stuff, and quite a few other strange alternate tunings, this one is actually in Drop B, which is really low and a bit touchy if you don't have the guitar setup for super low tuning. I also use DR DDT special Drop Down Tuning Strings on a couple of my guitars because they perform a bit better on really low drop tunings, and allow you to change to different low tunings without too many intonation problems.👍 Thanks again for commenting, and have a good one! Bob
  25. Bob Oister

    Made me a video!

    Hi, Scott, Killer job on this great cover and cool video! 😀 Excellent musicianship and dynamite work on the vocals, and it looks like you had a great time shooting the video.👍 I always liked Tonic but kind of lost track of them after "Lemon Parade", they had some good songs on that first album. Anyway, really nice work, thanks for sharing! Have a good one, Bob
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