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  1. Grebz: Hi, Grebz, Thank you for taking time to check out this song for me, and also for your very good input and kind words!😀 Thanks so much for the good catch on the slightly late vocals and drum fills, very good ears, my friend! A slight nudge to the vocals made things sound much better, I really appreciate your observations. I will also make some adjustments to the drum fills that come after the guitar solo over the weekend. I'm hoping to post the remix soon. By the way, excellent job on your latest song post for "Journey In the Fairy Woods", it's an amazing piece of orchestral music, and a fantastic production. Outstanding work, my friend!👍 Thanks again, and have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!😀 Bob
  2. Hi, Grebz, This is an absolutely fantastic piece of cinematic music!👍😀 The composition, arrangement and orchestration are all excellent, and the well textured mix sounds perfect for the genre. I could easily imagine this being part of a suspenseful film soundtrack. Excellent work, my friend, and best wishes for the holiday season!😀 Bob
  3. Bajan Blue: Hi, Nigel, Thank you, Sir, I truly appreciate you taking time to check out this mix for me, and also for your observations, input and kind words!👍 I'm touching things up and hoping to have the new mix up sometime over the weekend. I always used to enjoy your posts on the old song forum, but your latest song post here, "Take It All", is really fantastic! Amazing production, really good stuff, best of luck with your new release!👍😀 Thanks again for giving this a listen and for your input, greatly appreciated!😀 Have a Merry Christmas! Bob
  4. Bob Oister

    Take it All

    Hi, Nigel, Dynamite job on this cool, modern sounding dance rocker!👍😀 Great composition and arrangement, excellent playing and performances, her vocals are absolutely fantastic, and the mix is spectacular! The mix is totally pro sounding, clean, wide, punchy and perfect for the genre. The video is also really well done. Outstanding work, Nigel, really great stuff!👍 Best wishes for the upcoming holiday season! Bob
  5. Hi, Daryl, Fantastic job by all four of you on this very cool Christmas cover!😀👍 Great playing by everyone, an excellent mix, and the "Current Mrs." did an absolutely fabulous job on the vocals! It's also really fantastic to hear James' tasty guitar work again here on the forum! I really miss my buddy, James, please tell him I said Merry Christmas when you speak to him!😀 Outstanding work, Liz, Daryl, Ed and James! Have a Merry Christmas, Guys (and Gal)!😀 Bob
  6. Good one, Jim!!!😁😁😁 As Groucho Marx used to say, "I resemble that remark!"!😊 Have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!👍😊
  7. garybrun: Hi, Gary, Thank you so much for giving this a listen for me, and also for you good input, observations and very kind comments!😀 I really appreciate it because my ears were definitely not the same after being away from the studio for so long, and then spending a few hours throwing this song together and giving it a quick mix. I'll definitely check out those random pops, I'm really glad you picked up on them. I've actually had similar problems a few times in the past, and I suspect that they're from my punch-in automation points on the Channel Tools plugin. It's really strange, sometimes just re-rendering the wav file gets rid of them, other times, I have to manually adjust the punch-in nodes on the automation envelope and then re-render to see if the pops disappear. Either way, I'll try that and also as you suggested, check all my fades and crossfades to see if I overlooked anything in my haste.👍 Thanks again, Gary, you're always a true gentleman, and the quality of your song posts is always top-notch!😀 Much appreciated, and have a great Holiday season! Bob EDIT: PS: Great ears, Gary, you were exactly right! In my haste, I got a bit sloppy with my track editing and apparently completely skipped the right rhythm guitar track altogether. I still have to fix the Channel Tools pop issue in a couple spots, but I'm hoping to post the remix over the weekend. Thanks again, and have a very Merry Christmas, my friend! Bob
  8. "Mind Games" (Rock) Hi, guys, It's been a while! Due to a very busy work schedule, I haven't been able to get in the studio for about three months, but this past week or so I was finally able to squeeze in about three hours over a couple nights and came up with this new song. Unfortunately, once again I seem to have lost my "studio ears", and hope you can help me out by lending me yours!😀 I just uploaded a Test Mix for a new song called "Mind Games". If you can spare a few moments to check it out, as always, any and all helpful comments, suggestions, constructive criticism, input and ideas are very welcome, and also greatly appreciated!👍😀 Big thanks in advance for any observations, suggestions, comments and ideas!😀 Bob ==================================== "Mind Games" https://soundclick.com/r/s8b98r
  9. Hey, Douglas, This is a cool, raw sounding rocker with a tasty vintage vibe and a fun retro mix!😀 Nice playing, great vocals and harmonies, and I really liked how the little clean guitar patterns that started at around 1:30 added a new element of depth to the mix along with the additional BGVs.👍 I like the early Jefferson Airplane style guitar solo and how it fits nicely with the retro feel of the song and mix. I also REALY, REALLY loved "A Gray Colored Sky" that came on right after it! Absolutely fantastic all the way around!😀 Great stuff, Doug, excellent work! Bob
  10. Hey, Freddy, Nice work on this classic 50's sounding holiday song!😀 Excellent playing and vocals, as always from you, Freddy, and the mix sounds perfect for a modernized version of the Doo-Wop genre. The mix is clean, wide, and nicely textured with everything in it's own place and the vocals and background harmonies are outstanding! Dynamite job, Freddy, cool stuff!👍😀 Have a good one, buddy! Bob
  11. Bob Oister

    Hold Me Down

    Hi, Kevin, This is an absolutely fantastic song!👍😀 Well written and performed, with excellent vocals and harmonies, and the sparse, bare bones mix showcases the deep emotion and story of the song. I also definitely agree with Steve about the very catchy chorus hook that instantly sticks in your head. Great stuff, Kevin, dynamite job on this!😀 Have a good one! Bob
  12. Bob Oister


    Hi, Kakku, This is a cool, high energy electro-rock instrumental with lots of cool synth work and a very nice clean, punchy mix!👍😀 I really like the nice selection of synth sounds that you used for the different melody lines, and the mix is well textured and modern sounding. The only very minor observation that stuck out a little to me, was that in a few sections the drums seemed to get a bit louder and overwhelm the other instruments, which is of course just a matter of personal taste, and the song really rocks just the way it is! Anyway, it's great to hear another excellent track from you. The mix sounds really good, and the Morphit plugin sure seems to have worked well for you. Good stuff, my friend!😀 Best Wishes, Bob
  13. Bob Oister

    Cool Water

    Hey, Lynn, Wow! This is a killer song and an absolutely stellar mix!😀 Really well written and arranged, excellent instrumental performances, and fantastic vocals and harmonies! The production and effects on this were outstanding and really cool. I know I always say this, but this song makes me think of a modernized Steve Miller vibe that could have fit nicely on the "Fly Like an Eagle" album. And, I mean that as a very high compliment!😀 Fantastic stuff, Lynn, everything you post just keeps getting better and better!👍😀 Have a rockin' weekend, buddy! Bob
  14. Hey, Allan, Nice work on this tasty pop rocker!👍 Cool guitar fills, excellent vocals and harmonies, as always from you, and a nice, clean, fresh sounding mix!😀 "Baby Blue Lies" that came on right after it on Soundcloud was also really great, definitely a cool Roy Orbison vibe and I really loved the keyboards. Great stuff, buddy, have a good weekend!😀 Bob
  15. Woo-Hoo! That's some funky music, Tom, old buddy!👍😀 You've got a monster groove, a nice, clean, punchy mix, and a butt-kickin' bass hitting like a proverbial ton of bricks! Kind of makes me think of Parliament Funkadelic if they had Stanley Clark playing bass. And, I mean that in a good way!😀 Really cool stuff, Tom, nice work! Have a great weekend, buddy! Bob
  16. Lynn: Hey, Lynn, Thank you so much for having a look at the video, and also for your always good input, observations and ideas on my stuff!😀 I always look forward to your thoughts on my stuff because the performances and production on your song posts are always top notch! I thought your latest song, "Don't Take Candy From a Stranger" was really cool, great stuff, buddy!👍 Thanks again for your friendship and support, and have a great Thanksgiving!😀 Bob
  17. kakku: Hi, Kakku, It's really great to see you back on the forum!👍 Thank you very much, my friend, I truly appreciate you checking out the video for me, and also your very kind words!😀 Thanks again, and have a fantastic week! Bob
  18. ABull: Hi, Allan, Thank you so much, buddy, I really appreciate you checking it out and your very kind comments!😀 I'm very grateful for your input, friendship and support here on the forum!😀 Have a great week, Allan! Bob
  19. freddy j: Hey, Freddy, How are you, buddy? Hope you're doing great!👍😀 Thanks so much for revisiting my annual post of "The Dark"! I really appreciate your always good input and encouragement on my stuff, and value your friendship and support here on the forum highly! Thanks again, Freddy, and have a great week, buddy!😀 Bob
  20. thegaltieribrothers: Hi, Paul, Thank you very much, I truly appreciate you checking out the video for me, and also your very kind words of encouragement!😀 I'm very grateful for your input and support, my friend!👍 Have a great week, Paul! Bob
  21. Hey, Lynn, How's it going, brother? Hope you're having a great weekend!😀 This is a really cool and very haunting rocker! Outstanding composition, fantastic vocals and harmonies, and personally, I absolutely love the arrangement. I think that great sounding, somber piano and the other background keyboards provide the perfect laid back, eerie vibe that works perfectly with the powerful yet restrained vocals, and also let's the cool, tasty guitar work and fills shine through along with the vocals. The mix sounds great and for some reason, this song reminds me of a cool combination of early Steely Dan and The Atlanta Rhythm Section, which I mean as a compliment!👍😀 I think this might be my new favorite from you, fantastic work, Lynn!👍 Have a good one, buddy! Bob
  22. Hey, Tom, How are you, buddy? Hope you're doing great!👍😀 This is one absolutely beautiful and very emotional piece of tasty, heartfelt classical piano! Excellent composition, beautiful playing and a great recording that perfectly captures the dripping melancholic emotion of the piece. Outstanding job, Tom, it's always great to hear something new from you!😀 Have a good one! Bob
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