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  1. Hey, James, Great to see you over here on the shiny, new Cakewalk forum!πŸ˜€ You've got a killer good, punchy pop rocker with a really cool mid 80's retro vibe! I'm on my second listen. The writing, arrangement and performances are all top notch, I love the delay soaked guitar tones and cool solo, and your vocals and harmonies are absolute dynamite on this! The mix sounds clean and punchy with a cool, crisp 80's sound. Fantastic, as usual James, another kicker from Factory Yoyo! PS: The night the old forum froze, I logged in one last time at 11:19pm to try to thank you, James G, Daryl, Leadfoot and Bobby for the very kind shout outs and comments that you guys made earlier in the week, but LOL, I guess I was 19 minutes late and a dollar short,πŸ™‚ because apparently it had already flipped to read-only at 11pm!πŸ™‚ Anyway, sincere thanks again, and I'm looking forward to hearing more great new music from you here on the new place! Have a Rockin' Weekend, James! Bob
  2. Happy New Year, guys!😎 Definitely YES, a Techniques forum would be really great! Before the Gibson meltdown, the Techniques forum was thriving and full of great tips on recording and production, and also some great links to magazine articles and tutorials. It was an excellent learning tool for all aspects of audio production and a valuable resource for both new and experienced users. I also agree with my good buddy, Paulo, about the Software Forum. It was always a great place to discover and discuss new plugins and virtual instruments, and even find some great freebies and demos that you may never have even heard about. Anyway, just my two cents, this new forum looks like it's going to be really great!πŸ‘ Have a good one! Bob
  3. Hi, Kevin, This is a really cool pop rocker!πŸ™‚ Well written and arranged, great musicianship, excellent vocals and harmonies, nice guitar work and a clean, wide, fresh sounding mix. Great stuff!πŸ™‚ Have a rockin' weekend! Bob
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    My music...

    Excellent stuff, Peter! Cool progressive rock with great performances by all the players, and a cool vintage mid '70s vibe!πŸ‘ Reminded me a lot of Kansas, who I always loved and saw live four times over the years. Spectacular body of work, and top notch production skills!πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend! Bob
  5. Hi, Dynamite job on this very tasty blues rocker!πŸ™‚ Great tone and playing, well written, fun lyrics and excellent vocals, and a cool video, too. I also really liked the blues harp solos, and the mix was spot on for the genre. Really good stuff! Have a rockin' weekend!πŸ™‚ Bob
  6. Bob Oister

    Vivid Skys

    Hi, Eric, Excellent work on this fantastic instrumental!πŸ™‚ Dynamite guitar tone and beautiful melodic playing! The mix sounds warm and full textured, and perfect for the style. Great stuff!πŸ‘ Best wishes for a Happy New Year!πŸ™‚ Bob
  7. Big thanks to the entire Bandlab & Cakewalk By Bandlab team for their hard work setting up this beautiful. new, modern forum, and also for resurrecting and improving the fantastic Cakewalk software platform and keeping this amazing community of musicians together! Great work, everyone!πŸ‘πŸ˜Š Bob
  8. Hey, Wook! Congrats on being the first song poster on this snazzy new, fresh looking forum!😊 Great song with nice, tasty guitar work and cool melodies over a modern electronica base, with a nice, clean wide mix! Excellent stuff, John, as always from you! Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year, my friend!😊 Bob
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