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  1. On 4/30/2020 at 7:10 AM, Jonathan Sasor said:

    I can't say I've ever run into a situation like this, but if you've got a project stuck in that state, send us a copy and we can take a look into what's going on. 


    On 4/30/2020 at 7:10 AM, Jonathan Sasor said:

    I can't say I've ever run into a situation like this, but if you've got a project stuck in that state, send us a copy and we can take a look into what's going on. 


    Auto-save Copy of Dreamers 042920 no audio.cwp

  2. Been using Cakewalk for decades. After the 1909 update CWbBL started crashing whenever I changed the Master from stereo to mono or back. I had to reinstall my Apollo Thunderbolt drivers (UAD2 driver) per the website instructions. But I recently installed Studio One and all hell broke loose with Cakewalk . Tracks were muted in Track Manager but don't show that state in Edit or Mix windows and even though the audio data showed in the edit window, there was no sound; I can't hide tracks that were hidden yesterday and I had to route all my audio tracks to subs via sends instead of using the track output. Things seem to get worse every day. I've reached out to whomever is working various tech support desks but haven't had an actual conversation with anyone yet. I guess my plan to migrate to Studio One is now forced upon me.

  3. Has anyone else had this problem?? I was having some problems with crashes after installing Windows Update 1903, but it seemed to be resolved after reinstalling my audio interface drivers (Apollo Thunderbolt). Today I was finishing up a painful mix and was having issues with computer resources. I had recently decided to try Studio One and, after closing out Cakewalk I installed SO. When I went back to Cakewalk almost every audio track in my current project was not sounding. After some investigation I noticed that, although nothing was solo'd or muted in the mix or edit windows, the track manager showed everything that wasn't archived as muted and there was no way to remove the mutes. I tried hiding and unhiding, and everything thing else I could think of to trick the tracks back into active states. And it wasn't just this one project. Several others had the same situation. I finally found one about a week old that was viable and I'll have to try and remember all the steps I took since then. I think I'm pretty much over Cakewalk and ready to try out Studio One or Logic. Not gonna pay a bunch more to Avid for their weird, costly and clunky "industry standard".

  4. Since I have both Pro Tools and CbB on my Windows PC, AND an iPad, I was able to install the Eucon software on my PC and get the Pro Tools Control app on my iPad to connect to Cakewalk. But, alas, no soft keys or plug in control... yet. For now, it will just be nice to be able to tap the start or record buttons from my singing or playing position in my studio room without having to fiddle with a mouse and keyboard. Someday all this stuff will truly talk to each other, but for now it still the old, "My OS is better than your OS". At least the Control app is free.

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    17 hours ago, Promidi said:

    There was an August Windows update as well.  Check your drivers - maybe Microsoft updated those to generic versions.

    Personally, I have told Microsoft never to touch drivers while doing their monthly updates.  Disabling all Windows updates is generally a bad idea - but I like to update hardware drivers myself by visiting the actual manufacturer's websites.

    This could also be a hard disk on the way out.  Check your system event logs for disk errors - like bad blocks, etc

    Well I've at least temporarily solved most of the problems by increasing  my I/O buffer.  Promidi, I'm curious how you "told" Microsoft not to update your drivers. I don't see any settings in the update section of Windows that would allow me to do this.

  6. Just the last few days Sonar has been crashing with various messages - "not enough disk space" (I have over a terabyte available), "there are no audio devices for the current driver model on your system" (gee, it was working 5 minutes ago with my Apollo 8 thunderbolt), also a lot of "corrupt audio region" and "silent busses", none of which I can account for with simple guitar and vocal tracks. Could this all be something to do with the July Windows updates or is BandLab just insisting I install the newest update?

  7. I've have this same problem in Sonar BL. There may be several paths to my UAD plug ins, but the problem is the mono UAD plugins have a "(m)" suffix which Sonar doesn't recognize, so you just see the same plugin name twice in the browser. You have to drill down through the VST2  Preset options once you load the effect on a track and go all the way to the plugin properties/details to see the actual name of the plugin within it's directory. Please note that Pro Tools (for PC) recognizes this difference in the UAD aax plugin files and readily shows mono or stereo in the insert selection tool. I've asked BandLab to do something about this. We'll see if they respond.

  8. Sonar (BandLab) won't show whether a UAD plug in is mono or stereo. It only shows the same duplicate names for each plug in. I have to drill down in the VST2 presents/Details to find this info. In Pro Tools (for PC) these plug ins are identified as Stereo or Mono within the insert names. It would be nice if Sonar could incorporate this feature SOON PLEASE!!

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