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  1. UPDATE: I discovered the putting the Antare HE plug-in into the Multidock I was able to keep it responding to the automation lane as expected. Roger
  2. I upgraded to the new Harmony Engine from Antares. Most everything is working as needed for my projects. However, when trying to set the "Input Gain" parameter with Automation, the parameter/slider will only respond when the Harmony Engine window is visible/open. Closing the window will set slider to default, minimizing the window sets to default as well. The window must be visible/open/in focus, for the slider to respond to the Automation lane. This is not a problem if trying to use the Voice 1,2,3,4 sliders thru automation, just the Input Gain slider. I have not been able to find any workarounds as yet. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a small bug?
  3. UPDATE: I have finally identified the "culprit" here. The Tascam USB 20x20 driver is causing this "click". I located the legacy drivers on the European Tascam website and downloaded all of the drivers released for the 20x20. I began installing each version in reverse order and when I got to Ver 2.11 the problem disappeared along with the ability to select any buffer setting lower than "64". I have contacted Tascam to see what can be done to correct this and update the driver. Regards, Roger
  4. UPDATE: I setup my Roland Integra-7 for use as Audio Interface and NO noises present. SO it looks like the Tascam USB20x20 is the culprit. Planning to send it back to Sweetwater for testing/repair/replace. Thanks to all who weighed in on other items to test and check. Happy New Year! Roger
  5. I went to the trouble of installing WIN 10 Version 1803 today and was shocked to find that the "pop" was still there. So back to the drawing board to locate the source of the issue! (Yes I have images, to restore from) Currently using Win 10 Ver 20H2. Drivers updated etc.
  6. Already have that checked. Stopping the transport is not the issue. Closing/ loading the project stops/starts the audio engine and causes the "pop"
  7. Wondering if this article is not related to my issue too. I tried the fix without success, but wonder if there is another "fix" for me for the same problem. My processor is i7 Gen 2 4 core. Sandy Bridge. When I read the article, generally it described the exact problem I have been chasing for a while now! https://support.presonus.com/hc/en-us/articles/360028620552-Pops-and-Clicks-on-Windows-10-with-Quantum-and-StudioLive-Series-III- Roger
  8. Thanks for the input........tried everything except the alternative DAW......will have to look to see what I have to test with.
  9. After weeks of help from others on this forum, I was able to achieve a fully functional and "silent" setup. Microsoft comes along and offers me Win Ver 20H2. Win 2004 would not update for me, but I decided to give 20H2 a go anyway! Update goes just fine until I begin to work with Cakewalk again. Every time the Audio engine is turned ON/ OFF there is a single "click/crackle". This of course occurs when every project is loaded or closed. Additionally, this also occurs when the "preferences" window is closed by selecting "OK". Since I am fresh off the trail of all these issues with the previous version (Win 1909) and my USB 3.0 issues, I was sure that I could make some adjustments and "cure" this again. NO SUCH LUCK: tried everything I had learned in the last couple of weeks.....sooooooo.........any suggestions would be appreciated again. Thanks in advance! Roger
  10. FIXED! Installed a FebSmart USB 3.0 card with Renasus drivers dating to May 2020 and all is well now. Thanks to everyone who offered support ideas while I was challenged with this odd behavior. Happy Holidays to all and Stay Safe ! Roger
  11. Heard back from FebSmart tech support. They confirmed that the USB 3.1 card I had tried was never going to work with my MB. The did suggest the USB 3.0 card that I had already ordered and said it should work great without any effort for loading drivers etc. We shall see when it gets here Mon or Tues. Regards, Roger
  12. Glad we agree ! I built this thing the first time, so I guess it's time to put it to good use surfing the web and keeping my budget spreadsheet etc. I will just work on the laptop with the bigger monitors attached and wireless keyboard to make it feel like the desktop. In the meantime I will start to research parts to build another updated machine for DAW work. My wife will be unhappy, but 10 year old tech is testament to the good build choices back in 2010. Ha Ha ! Appreciate your sticking with me to work thru this. Happy Holidays ! See you here again sometime I'm sure. Happy Holidays to everyone who weighed in on this issue. Roger
  13. I only see the BIOS Firmware update that I already did dated 8/8/2013. It looks to me like the drivers were not updated to include WIN 10 either. Did you see something different on another site?
  14. I have done bios updates before. I too worked in IT for a school district in FL. I am a certified music teacher, New England Conservatory 1974 (piano), but after 30 years in the classroom and with the knowledge from working with this music tech stuff since 1987 I jumped to IT. Retired in 2013 so I am fuzzy compared to 7 years ago. I updated the BIOS on this machine just about a year ago, but the BIOS was dated from 2013 I believe (without checking it). Just saying I have the latest BIOS listed on the ASUS website for this motherboard that I saw there. Did I miss something! The BIOS update was pretty much automated thru the BIOS and was real easy. Thoughts? Roger
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