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  1. I had to give up on my Firestudio Interface because the driver was no longer compatible with Win10 after Version 1803. Presonus of course is no longer supporting the device. Hope that helps!
  2. I have a very consistent "click" or "pop" when each project is loaded or closed. This began with the previous version and I have found nothing to stop the behavior. WIN Ver 1909 on Lenovo laptop i7 2.6 ghz with 12 Gig Ram. Tascam USB 3.0 20x20 with drivers from Feb 2020. 2020.4 started this issue and no change for 2020.05. Otherwise I am very happy. If only this annoying "pop" would go away! LOL. All suggestions welcome!
  3. Thank yo to all for the input.......I will investigate and report any positive result.
  4. I just installed the latest update to Win 10 and replaced my firewire interface with the Tascam USB20X20 USB 3 interface. I am hearing a single audio click as each Project loads or closes. Any suggestions would be appreciated. ( Changing Buffers setting does not affect the problem)
  5. Playlist Enhancements?? Since I started the discussion of The Playlist troubles, first let me say thanks for the attention. Some issues are greatly improved. There are a few "strange behaviors that I am trying to sort out to report in a coherent way. More on them in a later post for sure. My major complaint was the way that CW did not discard changes to projects and close the project after playback. This seems to have been successfully addressed. I am very grateful for this fix as it has been and issue that I reported for many years. I also reported an issues with the displaying of "Lyric" windows on extended desktop displays. Currently the "lyrics" do display properly on the extended monitor, BUT...... After the first project finishes playback, lyric windows that are also displayed on the primary monitor are "closed" and not displayed. ( I usually display lyrics on both monitors....sometimes as a second instance of the lyrics of the same track and sometimes lyrics from a completely different track) I can send sample files if helpful. I am also experiencing Audio Engine Dropouts which has not been a problem before this Early release????? More on that as I can spend time to experiment. One way of using the Playlist that I have found helpful in live performance is to leave the Playlist "disabled" and load projects from the list manually in random order as I see fit. This will also leave the projects open and stacking up until resources are used up and a CRASH will occur. I feel that projects should also close and the end of playback even when the Playlist is not "Enabled". , but is open....... This of course may conflict with the Edit->Preferences-> File->Advanced->Allow Only One Open Project At A Time setting. I am exploring strange behaviors when a playlist is enabled, and the user decides to select a different "Next" file from the list. Audio engine dropouts and other issues seem to randomly occur.... hope to have more on that later.......... Again sincerest thanks for the improvements so far. Regards,
  6. Ben, Thanks for the reply and FIX ! Couldn't be more excited to try the Early Release version when posted. I was a beta tester for the Cakewalk Pro Audio Version 5 & 6 cycles back in the day. Always happy help out and have more time now that I am retired from my "day job". Regards to the 'Bakers'. I appreciate their commitment to Cakewalk all these years. P.S. What is "OP"? Regards, Roger
  7. Bill, Just wanted to thank you for your very supportive post ! Fingers crossed!! Roger
  8. Noel, thank you for the response. I believe this would likely solve the problem for me. I have taken great pains to make sure that my projects do not "modify"so as to use the "Playlist" at all. Unfortunately this is not always possible to achieve. I would be most grateful if this was corrected. Also recently reported: Please be aware that the current release does not manage project layouts correctly on extended (dual display) monitor setups when the Playlist is "Enabled". My 'lyric' windows that are set to appear on the extended monitor do not appear in "maximized" mode. (Full screen) They are correct when "Playlist" is disabled and project is loaded, but quickly shrink (minimize) when "Enabled" and playback begins. This behavior has appeared in previous versions and been corrected before. Thank you in advance for any attention to these issues. I believe, as others have stated, that Cakewalk is the best, most flexible DAW for live performers absent the fact that the Playlist is plagued with so many "bugs". I'm sure that there are additional "wish list" items for the Playlist from myself and others, but for now it would be awesome to have these item fixed so I can suggest Cakewalk again to all my fellow "Live" performers. Grateful for your time! Roger Cousins
  9. Thanks to everyone in development team for the continued feature additions and progress with Cakewalk. The Playlist however has been sorely neglected IMHO. There are reported issues that have been ignored for many years. It was great to see the 150+ bug fixes in the last release, but very disappointing to once again find the Playlist not on the list of items getting attention. Here is the Oldest "Bug" I know of AGAIN! With Playlist "Enabled": Begin playback of a Set List of at least 4 projects. During playback "Mute" and "Unmute" any track. The purpose here is to create one of many scenarios that could cause the (*) asterisk to appear after the project title. This of course indicates that the project has been edited in some way. After the project has completed playing and the "Next" project is under way: Select the "Window" drop down menu. You will now see the the 1st project is still open. This behavior will continue until many projects are left open and the computer runs out of resources and CRASHES! Projects should close after playing regardless of changes to the project without saving any changes to the project. The last time that I know of ( this is a long time ago-memory?) that this behavior did not exist is Sonar 1. The playlist was then removed in Sonar 2 and inserted again with Sonar 3 and the bug described. IN the current release 2019.07 this behavior persists as well as: Lyrics window placed on extended screen does not display as "Full Screen" when Playlist is "Enabled" These behaviors leave me only able to use the Playlist as a way to "select projects" and to load and play one at a time. Better than searching directories for projects for sure but not the way the Playlist used to function. I have been a user since the DOS versions and Cakewalk Live were all the rage. and worked well I might add. Cakewalk has been my choice forever because it was and remains the only DAW with the Playlist feature that IMHO is (when working properly) is the best concept for this feature for the "live' preforming musician. Sorry to say that I know many "live" performers who have abandoned Cakewalk because of the endless problems with thsi feature and the complete lack of attention to the issues. I have reported these problems by forum, by phone, chat, demonstrated them with remote desktop sessions and still nothing has been corrected. On a personal level, I started with Cakewalk in my late 30's. At age 67, I am still using it exclusively. I would really appreciate a version with the Playlist behaving correctly before I am either too old to perform or no longer drawing breath! Can anyone there please give this some attention! A great product needs to be better than the Playlist feature is at this point! I am here and willing to help in any way that serves this goal. Best to All on the Programming Team, Sincerely, Roger Cousins
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