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  1. I did see that under that section, and had a checkmark in the front of it. when I load a midi, and play it, it just goes through the laptop speakers.
  2. ok, had a cable, and installed the drivers. Looks like there are 2 midi items. But couldn't get anything to work, I have found an S970.ins file, but not for the S975.ins (i have a PSR-S975) unless there is a way to create that? Prob. need to do some more reading, since nothing seemed to work..
  3. Thank you. Looks like I misread that page. I can stop my hunt for a Midi Adapter then Now hoping I have a cable like that left, since I did major cleaning a few months ago lol..
  4. Oh, so I don't need a Midi cable, just an USB cable? Even for doing all the midi stuff?
  5. I am going through some of the files, and I see that the items for CC7 are set to a Max volume of 127 While I am 100% sure, I wrote the line at the bottom. Since this is happening randomly. Could this be a bug?
  6. I modified several midi files, and added CC7 where i turned the volume to 0 but once I play it on my keyboard, the sound is still there. so I am kinda confused on what I am missing here? I open the track and go to piano roll, and add a new item Volume and draw a line for the whole track I do see that at the end, it has a channel which is set to 1. Even through I am on track 4,5 or 10
  7. Thank you. I found one, and trying to find, where to import it.. I am reading this article http://www.jososoft.dk/yamaha/articles/insfiles.htm but not finding this in Cakewalk. So I am wondering it that was for an older version. Unless I don't know what I am looking for,, And looking here: https://www.cakewalk.com/Support/Knowledge-Base/2007013272/Instrument-Definitions#Import The Define button is greyed out, nor can I select anything else on that screen. ?
  8. Hi, I am new to this, and was playing with the Free Cakewalk. Since I don't have any midi adapters yet for my laptop, is it possible to setup cakewalk, that it know what sounds a Yamaha PSR 970/975 has? I don't know if it's possible, or if that's how it works. currently I am just opening a midi file. Edit it, and save it back, and the sound is always different. Any help is appreciated :)
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