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  1. I finally got an order to go through. The billing address I submitted to Akai needed to agree with the address on the credit card account to the finest detail. I expect delivery tomorrow. Hope the thing works.
  2. The problem isn't my credit cards or my credit, which is exceptionally good. The problem isn't Akai account related. I never had an account with them until a week ago. I also tried Guest checkout. Some problems disappeared after I flushed my Chrome cache, but the purchase is still "Declined" I've pestered Image-Line sufficiently that they've forwarded the issue directly to Akai. I've also figured out how to Contact Akai without a serial number, so I'll continue to pester them. This is the worst user-experience I've ever had with any online vendor.
  3. TheSteven, I've tried turning off privacy apps (don't have any ad blocker), both Chrome and IE, flushing my browser, different computers, my phone, different credit cards. Nothing works. Transaction declined. I'm clicking on the link in the promotional email from Image-Line. What's the OP?
  4. I've been trying to buy the Akai Fire under the FL Studio $99 promotion for a week, without success. The buyflfire.com site says the item is in stock for US buyers, but every time I try to complete an order, it declines my credit card. I'm attempting to buy through the email link Image-Line sent to me, as a registered user of FL Studio. Is anyone else having this problem. I'm getting nowhere with Akai customer service.
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