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  1. heads up guys if you have abelton installed it will conflict with cakewalk. I uninstalled abelton live lite and cakewalk works fine. I want to expand past 8 tracks so the free version of abelton that came with my arturia minilab mk2 is pointless.
  2. Took a trip usa and came back to lad cakewalk by bandlab today and the splash screen comes up and nothing. I launch inside the bandlab assistant and get a message cannot load cakewalk try as admin. Ive changed nothing in my window 10 system. I unistalled and downloaded the lastest version and get the same result. Maybe windows 10 updated as of aug 1st 2019 and is causing issues. My abiliton live works fine so its got to be a software issue with this company. Hope you can fix soon. I was just getting into this with my new arturia minilab keyboard. But if not ill move on.....
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