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  1. I did find that turning off "Fast Bounce" seems to fix the problem - though it certainly slows everything down considerably. (I shudder to think about future full orchestra+ pieces that require multiple dozens of tracks. Gonna be drinking more tea than usual.) Grateful for the input. Thanks!
  2. Recently I've encountered an issue where a bounced track will be very different than the original MIDI track. Specifically, a sustained note (which plays that way consistently in a MIDI track through the PLAY plugin) will result in a very short note in the audio track. This has happened with orchestral instruments, keyboards and guitars so far. I'm checking event lists, making sure I don't have recording layers inadvertently ending notes, and all so far without success. I've used Sonar with EastWest sounds for a decade or so and have never encountered this until the last month or so. Ideas and suggestions are most welcome!
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