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  1. They said on KVR that Triaz and bassynth will be native plugins, and that current owners will get a good price so might be worth it
  2. I have it but mostly use it to spice up pop/rock music track so I can´t say how it would work in a more exposed setting. Some sounds are very good (sounds "expensive") while others are pretty standard (re-used from other materials etc). There´s a very long thread about this product on UVI which is very informative: https://vi-control.net/community/threads/uvi-release-world-suite-2-with-introductory-and-upgrade-offers.97671/ The only thing I will say is that it relies on keyswitches and doesn´t have fancy things like scripting or legato etc. It´s comparable to something like Sampletank from a playability perspective. Most instruments have a handful of articulations so you would have to buy a specialized library if your looking for deep sounds. I do like the GUI (most of the UVI products look great), and it´s dead simple to use. I´m not a huge fan of the UVI workstation workflow though. The traveler feature is actually good, but slightly gimmicky. I usually reach for World Suite 2 first if I need something unusual, and I would probably buy it again at this price.
  3. Here´s what I got from support: "It appears there was a little glitch in our system. It should be fixed now. If you try again and enter the same code, GEARSPACE35, it should work."
  4. I just opened a pre-sales ticket so stay tuned
  5. Maybe you need to have one of their other products? The code doesn´t work for me either, and nor does the modified url.
  6. Joakim Lundberg

    Relab sale

    https://relabdevelopment.com/relab-store/ Sonsig Rev-A: $99 (149) LX480 Complete: $199 (349) Essential is now back to the normal $99 price from the $49 intro price.
  7. Actually less expensive at toontrack depending on your currency (my price was $43 )
  8. Spring Sale 2021 - 40% off The Spring Sale is on. Check out this blossoming deal from D16 Group. All products available with 40% discount at our online shop. Use the SPRING2021 coupon code during checkout to take the advantage of the sale. The offer expires on April 9th, 2021. https://d16.pl/products
  9. True, I think they changed their upgrade policy last year so 199 would be from version 7 and it gets more expensive with older versions.
  10. Softube currently has massive issues with payments on their webpage. My upgrade price from volume 4 with that coupon is 55$ Also, code SUBSCRIBERCLUB gets you 30% of any plugin (including Volume 5).
  11. Special offer until April 6 Buy: €499 (599) Upgrade: €199 (299) https://www.arturia.com/experience-vc8 Not the best deal but whatever
  12. I now have both and while Shimmer is great Skaka is simpler to use, mostly because Kontakt is a clunky platform from an interface perspective. The built-in sequencer is more flexible and powerful than Shimmer Shake, so the only real advantage is the larger library that comes with the latter. One thing that put me off slightly was that you can´t combine single shots with shaken sounds in the same cell, but you have 12 cells at your disposal so it´s not a big deal. Both get the job done anyway, but at $24.99 you can´t go wrong with this.
  13. Got it after about 36 hours or so, European buyer (initially blocked). Used PayPal and vpn.
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