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  1. As Tomgu says, this offer is ONLY for owners of previous Soniccouture collections. I quote what James (of Soniccouture) said yesterday on VI Control: “Hi all, This is a wording error on the NI site, which hopefully will be fixed very soon! To clarify: you can only upgrade /update if you bought one of the previous NI /SC bundles in 2018 or 2019. That is the ONLY way you qualify - and I guess most people are pretty clear on whether they bought a €499 bundle or not! (the list of products is simply how the NI shop identifies if you were a bundle customer or a single product customer (only bundle customers received this free extra products) in 2018/ 2019. Sorry for the confusion, NI are working to correct it. James” The error seems to have caused a lot of confusion!
  2. Hi Reid, I can’t say that Vegas Pro doesn’t crash for me very occasionally, more often than not during loading. I have to say that Vegas has not been the sole program I would use for video editing for many years, and most of the “heavy lifting” is always done on another program on a Mac. Both the Mac and PC laptop I use have 8gb ram, and if you have 64gb, I can’t imagine why Vegas would have a problem! The infrastructure around Premiere Pro is second to none, and if you’re happy with the ongoing cost, then stick with it.
  3. For ease of use, you can’t beat Vegas Pro for speed! The way I have to work on YouTube videos, which is some quick editing on Vegas then into DaVinci Resolve on PC, before sharing the edit and moving it over to Resolve on Mac to complete. Originally, it was Vegas to iMovie, then Vegas to Final Cut Pro X for a couple of years until a disaster with upgrading the Mac from Mojave to Catalina, and then Big Sur forced a switch to DaVinci Resolve. Premiere Pro would have been an option, but it is the sheer cost! Although Resolve has a learning curve and can seem quite complicated, I find the free version of Resolve (thanks BMD!) a pleasure to use.
  4. Managed to get Carousel straight away, with no problems! 👍😁
  5. Sorry, i meant when you get to the stage of logging into, or creating a Magix account to claim the giveaway, there is a site maintenance error.
  6. Web page keeps saying undergoing maintenance! Not a great way to run a giveaway when it is time-limited!
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