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  1. The measurment is done by beats not by time. So there are around two seconds missing in the clip.
  2. I did select and copy the original clip and then inserted it in another position.
  3. Thank you for your answer. But bouncing is not the solution. In my picture, the length of the original clip is 4:00:00 . The clip length of the copied clip is 3:03:240. Yes, this behaviour of Cakewalk is only a problem for my eyes. But perhaps it can be fixed in one of the next versions.
  4. If I copy a clip the copied clip doesn't draw until the end like the source clip does. The copied clip ends at end of the last note event in the clip. See the yellow circle in the picture.
  5. Thanks for the information!
  6. A new small issue: If I open a project, the automation lines are drawn as a fat line as you see in the attachment. If I open the automation lane of the belonging track and close it again the automation lane is drawn correctly.
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