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  1. My solution is on post #8 I believe. Again, the title on this thread is misleading because the issue was not related to the July update.
  2. Got it. Did a little research and are in fact two different things. 😉
  3. Now I believe that msvcr120.dll got corrupted while applying the 1903 update. The file name is a bit misleading because it is related to VS2013 not 2012.
  4. Yes. I find myself using the PDC button very often . I usually use a desktop computer but i have a better and faster laptop also with the 1903 build and the latency issue is not that noticeable.
  5. Ok, so thanks to Noel and Jon i resolved the issue by repairing the Visual Studio C++ 2013 redistributable package. No need to uninstall or reboot your system. Just go to the add/remove program utility in windows control panel, double click on the package and select repair. Thats it. Thank you for all your help. Peace.
  6. So, after rebooting and installing, and near the end of installation i get multiple errors like the ones in the first image. These are related to all Sonitus plugins and some other ones. The second error is in the end of installation after ignoring all the errors before. Translated basically means "The application could not start correctly. Click OK to close the application. The third error is issued when i try to add any Sonitus effect to a track.
  7. Hi, i think one cannot say for sure that it isn't related to the update. I believe it isn't a coincidence that all Sonitus plugins stopped working after applying the update but again that is just my opinion. There are no pending updates and i tried the reboot/install many times and it does not work. Thank you for your help.
  8. Hi and thank you for the reply. There are no pending updates. I will try disabling the anti-virus and see if it works.
  9. Hi, I know this is a recurring issue but some DLL's are having problems beeing registered. I am running Windows 10 x64 Pro and everything was working fine until i applied the update. During installation the installer starts issuing warnings about not beeing able to register some dll's like DeWire.ddl, NullProxy.dll, MackieControl.dll and all the files related to Sonitus FX. If i click ignore to all those errors, i am able to run Cakewalk except when i try to use any Sonitus effect like compression, delay, etc. They all fail with exit code 0x3 if i am not mistaken. In the end of installation it also complaints about a missing MSVCR120.dll wich is related to Visual C++ 2012 redistributables. Things i've tried... - Reinstalled Cakewalk by Bandlad (4 or 5 times). I also run the installer as Administrator. - Scaned VST folders multiple times (existing and with errors). - Installed ALL the Visual C++ redistributable packages since 2005 up to 2019 (32 and 64 bit versions). - Updated Windows to version 1903 and reinstalled Cakewalk to no avail. The dll's are all in the correct folders and the file MSVCR120.dll is not missing. I am stalled and in need of a little help here. I wonder if this has happened to somebody else? Thank you.
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