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  1. Export Markers (in multiple formats: drop frame, non-drop frame, time with milliseconds, etc.). I do a lot of video and voice over work with Cakewalk. As such, I need to export up to 1 hour or more of either voice over or narration, and then split that up into 50-75 individual audio files, then import into PowerPoint or other software. I've developed a workaround utilizing print markers to pdf, then manipulate for import into Sound Forge, but would really like to bypass it. In addition, I work with Premiere Pro and Audition. It would be handy to have interchangeable marker files to export out of Cakewalk. Thank you for your consideration...and keep up the top notch work!
  2. Under "Bug Fixes": "Deleting data clears the selection" IMHO it wasn't a bug. Is there an option to KEEP the selection after deleting? In my workflow (podcasts & voice overs), I delete tons of sections and I miss just being able to use "SHIFT + G" to jump to my edit point for checking my edits. Thanks. Wally
  3. No Way! No Friggin' Way. YOU GUYS ARE JUST AWESOME! A software company that actually LISTENS to its users AND makes changes to its program? I am beyond ecstatic! Thank you very, very, much. I tried and tried to get the previous owners to fix ripple editing years ago and it fell on deaf ears. Even Craig Anderton tried to justify them not fixing it (much to my dismay). I think you guys finally fixed ripple edit when you took over. Thanks again. Wally (user since the early '80s)
  4. Hi Noel, I can't speak for @btbrock, but for me I always would click in the empty area to deselect as I edit while the file is playing. I edit multi track voice over, podcasts, etc. and will select a section across multiple tracks and then ripple delete them. Once deleted, I always just click in an empty area to deselect AND allow the file to continue scrolling. When I needed to jump to a specific location, I just clicked up on the timeline. Guess we'll have to re-train our muscle memory. Not a big deal ESPECIALLY since you guys are doing superiorly BANG up Job of continuing all the great things that brought us all to Cakewalk in the first place and continuing to make it better "under the hood." THREE CHEERS FOR THE CAKEWALK TEAM!!! Wally
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