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  1. Hello! I have one small problem with piano roll. I missclicked once while using it (I just accidentally pushed some keys on my keyboard) and keys on notes pane became so huge. How to make them normal again? I had checked documentation but didn't find anything about this function in cakewalk. Maybe it's stupid question but I really need to solve itπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ Image is below (it's image hosting) https://ibb.co/c681pzg I am really appreciative to our helpful community. Thanks for your answer and good luckπŸ‘Œ
  2. I suppose Dr.Beat is a little bit weird sampler. With other instruments all is going good. Maybe there is a bug in cakewalk, it doesn't matter. Can you recommend any free sampler for drums etc? I really need it Thank you so much for help. It is so important for me
  3. I used two different DrBeat plugins (created first instrument channel than created second inst. Both of them was sent on master output (to my computer's audio output).
  4. Hi everyone! I am using Cakewalk about one week and I have a question. How can I make same plugins not to depend on each other? At the picture you can see that I set some plugins on first channel with sampler but this plugins also work at the second channel (as you see, there is not any plugins on second channel) and I really don't know how to solve this case. I worked in FL Studio and there was button "make unique" etc. Maybe this button also exists in Cakewalk?πŸ‘Œ I just wanna make these channels independent and use plugins independently on every channel. Best wishes and thanks for attention
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