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  1. Hello, Gswitz! Well, of course it's down to codecs. And as I pointed out in my previous post, I have already tried different formats, AVI and WMV included. Same behaviour with all of them.
  2. Hello, fellow Cakewalkers! Am I the only one experiencing problems with video playback? The video is imported without any issues and so is the audio associated with the video, but the actual video footage doesn't render in the video view. Sometimes it will show the first frame, but the moment I hit play, it's completely black and only playing back audio. The Animate option is checked and I've tried all sorts of different formats of video. Same behaviour all around. When I open the Video properties in the video view the tab for Video quality is missing. I've tried to setup the default video renderer in the INI file, but it still defaults to the Media Foundation engine, even though I tried setting up the DirectShow engine. Is this a bug or am I missing something here? I'm trying to do some scoring and this is quite annoying.
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