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  1. If you thinks I'm a moody guy who delete tracks without realising it you're wrong. In some DAW we can delete a marker quickly without delete a whole track.
  2. OH MY GOD IT WORKS One shortcut have been forget. I definitively clear ALL the shortcuts I've made with delete press, and now it works !!!
  3. I install the latest version, dismiss all the shortcuts I made, trying without track, and it changes nothing The arrow is now a M with 2 arrows, but delete still not works
  4. It's too fast we don't see the load icon, but consider it is between the white and the second black. I confirm I left clic, keep left clic, and then press delete and this is the result. I
  5. Yes, I see a black arrow, then I clic, I see white arrow, and there is a loading icon wich appears and disappears quickly but marker isn't delete. I'll try to make a gif
  6. My windows is in english since 1 month because I want improve my english level but computer assisted music is more technical so I wasn't confident about discover a new DAW in english. So I installed Cakewalk in french. That can caused problems like this ?
  7. When I say the cursor doesn't appear I'm very serious. I'm not a beginner in MAO, I am trying Cakewalk but I use Ableton and Studio One I've never had this type of problem. But thanks for your help !
  8. With the M, and vertical bar out of the marker, delete on keyboard doesn't work and right clic gives me properties of the marker
  9. I did not understand all the message, yes there is a M when I slowly move the curor. But however when I clic delete, it deletes the first track and not the marker. I feel something is wrong in my software
  10. I tried on more time, there is only hollow arrow pointing down and zoom, this function doesn't appear
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