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  1. Hi, I installed the newest update and now I get some noise like "pffft" high frequenzes only ...like some lite versions of vst plugins have. But I don't have any of these and it also appears in old projects and has never happend before in the older version of cakewalk. If I play sound it stops it and just noise for about 2 seconds... But also appears without playing anything. Cakewalk turns useless with this problem 😪 Ps: You can also answer in german if you like
  2. Hi, I just installed cakewalk a few days ago and the vst worked fine...now I have connected my scarlett 2i4 and only this one plugin doesn't work any longer. The Synsonic BD-909 works fine^^ ...recording my guitar works fine, so it's not the 2i4. I uploaded a screenshot of the vst. Thanks Edit: I just disconnected the 2i4 and set the driver to "WASAPI shared" to use my onboard soundcard, now it works fine... so is it a problem with ASIO? Edit2: Problem solved by setting the driver back to ASIO after reconnecting the 2i4!
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