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  1. If I use BUS instead of Track3 with Patch Point, it works as I expected. I would take this way for now. The only reason I wanted to use above configuration is an intuitive Console layout/ maintainability. I'm looking forward the improvement in the future release.
  2. Thank you for the very detailed explanation. I understand now! It's very basic I should have known!
  3. I was wondering if I copy envelope(s) of Track and paste them to Bus's? Appreciate your support in advance.
  4. Oh, I didn't think about "double-dimming"..... Good point. When Track1 is soloed probably I would expect Track2 which includes "patch point output" shouldn't be dimmed but Track3 which includes "Patch point input" should be dimmed as other normal track. Maybe vise versa. Just my personal opinion.
  5. I'm on version 2021.12 build 102. Dim Solo doesn't work when Patch Point is used. Here's my test configuration. Track 1: Audio clip, Output: Master Track 2: Audio clip, Output: Patch point1 Track3: Input: Patch point1, Output: Master with DIM on, When tack1 is soloed, Output from Track3 is NOT dimed. Track2 or 3 is soloed, Output from Track1 is dimed. Thank you!
  6. I was having similar slow (too slow) audio export problem in wav format. Strange part is no problem happens in case of mp3 format . Following scook's suggestion my problem fixed! Thank you so much!!!! By the way I set "BounceBufSizeMse" to 250 (max value) from 0. I am wondering if this is adequate??
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