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  1. It's an incredible offer from Bandlab and all you have to do is give your email and and you have a great DAW for free. Just look at the updates alone since they took over. Incredible, and you get the man who designs and writes this software Noel answering the forum questions. It don't get any better than that. Thank Bandlab for a job well done.
  2. Very impressed with this update. Thanks very much.
  3. Came across this, may be useful to some?
  4. Avoiding FB don't like their policy of taking my details and selling it.
  5. fitzj

    EQing input

    Nice one scook.
  6. Thanks, Cakewalk, great work in fixing so many problems. Keep up the good work.
  7. The file is only 18.574 MB. Is that correct for the fixes listed?
  8. fitzj

    Always On My Mind

    Very nice. Thanks.
  9. Thanks, Panu your a fine programmer. Maybe Cakewalk they should give you some work so you can earn money for all your hard work.
  10. Thanks, guys for reminding me how old I'm getting.
  11. No issues here all working well so far.
  12. Strange I had the latest version installed. When I open the latest version of assistant it said new version available and I updated. Then it said new update under application. After the update, it still shows the January version. Gremlins?
  13. Very Interesting as I never really understood how Z3TA works. Get pretty heavy stuff all this. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Nice and 4K VIDEO as well. Thanks.
  15. Strange they say its free and then you have to pay $25.00 for the free bundle. So it's not really free as I don't require all the plugins advertised. Am I missing something here?
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