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  1. Been a Cakewalk user since Cakewalk DOS. After Cakewalk shut it down, I was given a discount to cross-grade to Digital Performer. I never like digital Performer. It was hard for me, to do projects, and a few months or years later I was rescued by Bandlab. I do a lot of animation with iClone, so I went up to 128GB RAM motherboards, and a i7 -6900 CPU. I notice the difference in animation programs, but not any improvement with Cakewalk or any updates. The only problem I had Cakewalk fixed it, then the next update, it was back, was the loop my drum tracks. after a few minutes in the songs, instead of the notes starting at .000, I was getting crazy numbers .457, and so forth. When Bandlab took over that was solved. I've been using a Motu 24AO, since it came out and with two DACS, I was able to have 16 analog inputs, and 40 analog outputs to my 32 ch. mixer. Before the 24AO, I was using 2- 1010LT cards, and it gave me 16 channels of audio output from Cakewalk, but they never made a good Win 10 driver. 3 years ago, I bought the fastest CPU then, a Ryzen 9-3900X, used the 128 RAM. Cakewalk got worst, after an update, 4 minutes into a song, it would drop out even at the highest buffer settings. I saw where background programs, and formatting drives would stop it, so I took them all out. I re-loaded Bandlab to a clean install. My CPU would normally run at lower than 3%. Then after 4 minutes it would start climbing up to 8% activity and crap and spike out. Last November when I was able to transfer the 3900x to a 5950X, things got worst instead of better. You could barely see the CPU activity, under one percent. The final straw was last Thursday, when I had a simple two channel drum track. And recorded a vocal mono track for the first time in years, It, stopped recording within 15 seconds. This is after I bought faster memory. The drum track sounded tinny at some parts though. I remember two months ago, I opened my last version of Cakewalk, still on my machine. But I couldn't save the project, because they said I didn't buy it and I did. My songs seem to work fine, no 4 minutes plus problem. Before Bandlab, I was using 24-34 tracks of audio, and Midi with no problems on some songs. I bought an upgrade Digital Performer 9 a few years back, to buy muti-channel tracks of hit records from Mix the Music. I look at most of the DAW software on YouTube, and was ready to but DP11, until I saw how bad the GUI looked, and you couldn't use two screens. I finally settled on software from company beginning with a "M", and the software starts with a "S". This is my second day to use it, in February I had 846 plug-ins, now down to 623. I changed the software directory to all the paths where the VST files are. And it loaded VST files, that Cakewalk would not work with anymore. Clon Ensemble, was my most important one. I can never find anything like it. I had since 2004. This program and others have free trial periods. I can two recording with it that would make me sound like a real group of people. I was also getting some ringing on Bandlab, with two channel drums. I even lowered my audio interface to 44.1 kHz, 16 bits, but it still dropped out, With the new software I imported 18 tracks of audio at 48kHz X 16, and it worked on a 9 minute song, every time. I was sort of reluctant to purchase it today, because another software was bragging about it had now had comping recording, and I just started using Comp recording 6 years ago. I was happy this other software has comp recording also. With 18 tracks of audio playing, the CPU was around 2% max, the drives "0". I just wouldn't believe it was the software. Good luck with your projects to everyone. Almost 40 years of using Cakewalk has come to a end.
  2. I make this problem now and then. The audio channel playback, is not set to stereo, or my recurring mess-up is I forget to set my actual mixer to link or stereo, and only one channel then goews to my speakers..
  3. Rob since then I had no problems , and the C drive shows , little or no activity. A few weeks ago, I bought a onboard M2-SSD 4x4 drive for my F drive, and audio files. The only problem I have had in the last weeks is with my UJAM Silk guitar, almost by itself with drum track, the audio breaks up at a buffer size of less than 500ms, which is too high for latency recording. Their Mellow and other guitar works fine, and they have had updates, but not the Silk, still at version 1.0 since I bought it a few years ago, I contacted UJAM and they got right back to me, since I told them it was midi direct, not during playback, because I can't record and be in time with 500ms buffers. I last heard from them 2 days . Other than that Cakewalk is working fine now,
  4. I've been having this problem for a while , and I think I finally solved it. Some of my songs would drop out make noise, and my thread monitors would go through the roof after a few minutes of mixing down to mix down computer. I tried changing the setings to my Motu AO24 , but the results were the same. Finally while Cakewalk was running I did something I never tried before. My audio files are on my SSD "F" drive. I called up the Task manager (alt/ctrl/delete), and clicked on the performance tab. There was no or little activity on my "C" drive. Right before the problem started, the activity of my "C" drive maxed out, the audio noise started. I then stopped everything and after a few minutes, the "C" drive maxed out itself again, reading and writing. When Cakewalk was playing with all the plugins, I was only using about 7% of my 128GB RAM, and my audio drive was using 6 to 15% of it's resources, I think I narrowed it down to having the automatic defrag on. I turned it off and the "C" drive shows no activity, except from the ethernet, which I may turn off while using Cakewalk. So if I have problems in the future I'll watch , for programs running in the background with the Task Monitor from now.
  5. First of all, I hope everyone is doing well and are safe out there and will be for the future. I didn't know even with my electronic background that it took 3 months to produce these Ryzen CPU's. It only took a few hours for me too make printed circuit boards. Some people said they were going to wait for the Ryzen 3950X, I'm glad I didn't wait because according to PassMark Software, it was almost twice the price, but not twice the speed. Now even the second top Threadripper is almost twice the speed as the 3900X. Now some updates. After a year of being lockout from using my Waves plug-ins, I am able to use them if I want. I just bought about new 20 plug-ins from others, the last 2 months. I now have a total of 717 plugins, and not all are audio effects. I still don't understand the Wave company logic, where they are the ONLY company that I used so far, that penalizes the use of you upgrading your computer or hardware failure. Also, there may be a problem where you can't mix series 9, 10 and 11, and may have to pay to upgrade. My plugins seem to be all series 9. What does anybody gain, by not using my plugins for a year? I did not remove anything from my hard drives, just changed my motherboard and CPU. A person asked, how many plug-ins can you use? It's impossible to tell, because some plugins load the system more than others. I have VST2 and mostly now VST3 versions. In the middle of last week I wanted to remix a song with the new plugins, and to get familiar with all these plugins on vocals etc. so I know exactly which one to use first, to get the sound I want. If I told you I knew what every button or knob did on each plugin, I'd be lying. But this is a good time as any. So while playing back the mix, and recording on my mixdown computer. The song started to break up, when a vocal came back in the song about 4 minutes later. I never had this problem before and I start seeing higher spikes in my core monitor, the music would play with a lot of noise, the core monitor would freeze and all controls, and recover with the noise, and then I can stop. I then lowered and increased my MOTU settings, with same exact problem. I felt that it had to be the new plugins, and was removing them one at a time, with the same result. After removing about 4 plug-ins, I decided to restart the computer, and load the song from a month ago with the old plugins, when I got to the 4 minute vocal part, it started acting up. That was great, now I know I have a hardware problem, and not a plug-in. When I started the song at the 4 minute vocal entry, the music would not break-up. So something is running out of space, and with 128 GB of RAM, I don't think you'll have a virtual memory problem or did I remember how to change it with 5 large drives with more than 75% of space each. I also saw that the D drive where I keep my audio and save my Cakewalk files, I upgraded it from a Western digital Black to a solid state drive. When? I have no memory of doing that at all. I then manually defragmented both the C and D drive, which automatically are set to do each week. Ran the song again, and got the same problem. Now what? I took a look at what was running, and saw SKYPE, which I don't use, so I removed the Skype program, and all unnecessary files on the C drive. There was option to remove old Windows update files, which had the largest size and it was very slow to remove, I thought the computer froze, because the status bar hardly moved, it took about 2 hours to complete. Now everything is fine again.
  6. When my son moved out in March I changed his bedroom to my mastering room, and had to buy a new computer for that room. I bought a new MB with a Ryzen R5-1600 and a 450 Motherboard, I had no idea AMD was coming out with a monster. Now I'm thinking about updating that motherboard bios and putting the 3900X in that computer and using that in my bedroom for the new MS Flight Simulator coming out and using this computer for the mastering room and buying the 3950X for my DAW. On Amazon the 3900x went back to $499 last week when they got them, and now $530. This is amazing I don't ever remember a CPU chip going up in price in a few months and not down? @ CosmicDolphin, I'm using a Motu 24AO, with 2 Behringer ADA8200's, to give me 32 analog channels to my 32 channel digital mixer. I'm also using that one for 8 channels of audio input to the DAW. The second one I use to connect 2 keyboards and 2 midi sound modules to, and another 8 channels of audio directly to the DAW. So the Motu 24AO, set up to handle, 40 channels of audio, and 16 external input channels at 48Khz and 16 bits. I checked my settings and I'm using a host buffer setting of 256, and a host safety of 64. With the i7-6800x, I used 512 and 256 if I remember right. The problem with the AMD Ryzen series, is that it is dual channel, and you can only have motherboards of 2 or 4 memory slots. I used 8 slots of 16GB cards that gave me 128GB of RAM. So I was stuck with 64GB of RAM, until about 3 weeks later when 32GB of RAM sticks became available. I now have 128GB of RAM, which make your hard drives not that important. I use only Western Digital Black or Gold series mechanical drives. I don't overclock which was recommended with the cheaper 570 motherboard I bought, and it is the first time I used a water cooler for a CPU. All my other have a EVO 212 cooler. While using Cakewalk I never used the freeze function except by accident and I have plenty of plug-ins going. Strings and horns are my thing and I have multi separate Kontakt modules at the same time working, and plug-ins under it. I sent a photo of the activity of the 24 threads to someone and the activity is so low that the CPU looks like it isn't even working. I mentioned that everything sounds cleaner. It's so clean I dropped some of the compressors and other plug-ins I used. It's like less is better. I love it, and will probably get the 3950X? Is it perfect? It handled everything I gave it, and if you make changes, try to save your latest changes, because I put plug-ins, that crashed the program, not the computer. Depending on budget, I would wait for the 3950X. They always said with a lot of plug-ins, you need a lot of RAM. Good luck with your projects everyone.
  7. Brian exactly, first of all I'm not going to say how many software companies purchased things from, and programs, there are too many. Upgrading is one thing, but most electronic and hardware failure which usually comes within in the first week or days. If you put the stuff on your new hardrive, and 2 days later the new hardrive fails, you don't have the option to de-authorize now what? Kontact, was a pain at one time too. All the files that they told me to backup, I did so I don't have to upload them from them again. I had some plug-ins that just asked me for my serial number, and I had to re-install Cakewalk. Right now my SDD boot drive (I'm not a SDD fan, and this is the only one I ever bought) on this computer is failing I have restart the machine a few times before the windows is loaded. I cloned the drive to a portable passport drive. It's coming tomorrow. I will clone that info to the new SSD drive and everything should work with just adding a few serial numbers on one or two programs. I've been dealing with Cakewalk from DOS, and other programs. I've never seen a company say only: "Once a year", if you know of another, please let me know? Most companies even allowed you to call, to verify it was you, that's all they wanted. Nobody was counting how many times you changed your hardware or it failed.. Some software asked you remove it from that computer on their site that they have registered with you, and then click on the computer where you want YOUR products installed now. I don't have anybody else sending me warnings that my software needs to be paid for to keep it up to date and current. Every month something is expiring. My next numerous audio effects plug-ins that I have may be from iZotope, never a problem. Again, I can tell the difference between those who honor what you bought, and those using any excuse to get you to pay. And they are the first. I had a website once, and I was told I needed to pay $300 because someone put a file from my end with a virus, and so it wouldn't happen again, they could monitor it for $200. First of all only I could get into my files, second, I haven't updated anything 4 four months, and the only people that could put upload anything to my files were you guys. They just turned off my webpage, never showed me the file or filename. I told them goodbye. I guess $29 a month wasn't enough and their security system is safe, if someone got in my file. Yeah, my name is John Waters, and you have a Indian accent. I'll be 69 in a few days, and my head doesn't screw off. One thing, I don't screw or mislead my customers. If you don't respect or understand your customers, you may not be there long. Thanks for your input. But I will respect their EULA. I won't miss them with that policy. When Cakewalk stopped, I was really going to miss them, but they never stopped us from using their software. Thank you Bandland! I did waste money cross-grading to another program and I had a program I got free from Presonus when I bought their mixer, and one from Motu. I didn't like the two, but Cakewalk did not leave a bad taste in my mouth, and they made sure you could continue using what you paid for without looking for compensation. "Hey look, this guy bought about +40 plug-ins from us, and the piano, but that was more than a year ago. So we'll just let him use the last one he bought". "We don't care if he can't us the others, this is how we do it. But if he wants to pay?" This is a type of digital extortion to me, I am the legal owner of the license to use on ONE computer. There may be nothing to say; "One download a year". Don't have to tell me twice.
  8. Blogo', this is not my first rodeo. I've done all the recovery, checked the folders, it say's that everything is there. But the only Waves plug-in that works is the last one I bought. All my drives are backed-up and cloned for my C drive, plug-ins, copies are made of what ever I downloaded of my plug-ins. I re-download all my plug-ins per instruction of Waves of the plug-ins I bought, not the others and I still don't get them to work, again only the latest one shows up in the folder. When I changed my MB and CPU, there was nothing changed on any of my drives, so why mess with my hard drives or Registry Files? Store stuff on USB sticks? I don't have one USB stick that hasn't failed on me, so that's the last thing I would store something on. When you have about 40 different plug-in companies, and only ONE you have a problem with. If something becomes difficult, I get rid of them, parts, women, all can be replaced. I don't take b.s. from anybody. If I paid for it again, I bet you I wouldn't have a problem getting it to work. Why is their program checking on my CPU and MB? Losing cars keys? I didn't lose anything. nothing was removed or altered on any of my drives. Again, I'm not going to have one software company limit my freedom. They need to fix their installation software, it tells me everything is there, but it is not. If they did their VST like everyone else, I wouldn't have this problem. All they want is more money for what I already bought. I'm not calling them. If I call them, I might as well call the IRS in India, or Microsoft because I have a virus. I now consider Waves software scammers. They have a automated plug-in repair that doesn't work, falsely tells me my plug-ins are loaded on my C drive, and they messed with my hard drive, because I changed my hardware. There are others who acknowledged my hardware was changed, and I signed in and everything was updated and works. Maybe you are the type of guy that get scammed by Indians with Anglo names, I been dealing with people and computers long enough to know when someone is working with you or screwing you. I know you are trying to help, but like you said, you don't change anything, where I love to change and mess with electronic things. I have a iLok, and I would rather have that than to go through this crap. Waves is the only frustrating plug-in company out there, the only. Every time you add a new plug-in from Waves, it creates a new folder, deletes the old, It's unique and buggy. Show me another company that has the same policy as Waves? I never look back, I go forward.
  9. I just checked Jim. I have 27 Wave Products, and I will miss my Scheps etc. But my other 200-300 plug-ins will have to do now. I'm retired, money is good, and I have no patience with the same problem from only the same people. You learn from life there are people who will take care of you when you spent your money on them, and there are those where those who's hand is always out.
  10. https://www.waves.com/support/reactivate-recover-licenses It says on their website, recovery is once a year. Their customer service if I can remember was fast and I worked with no problem, I had to send them RMA numbers and proof of payments. But, I want to avoid that if that happens again. You spend days waiting for parts, put everything in and when it works, I have one, and only one company where some, most and maybe all (like now) where I seem to have a problem. The auto installer, tells me everything is there until Cakewalk looks for them the first time. 3 strikes you're out with me. Sept or October, a new CPU is coming out again by AMD, I want to have the option of buying it, but I'm intimidated by not being able to recover my licenses more than a year. I don't keep track of when I recovered last, other software companies I use don't have this restriction. Maybe they'll ask for a serial number the most. Here's the main question? Why should I wait for a year, what is the point in that? Like a kid on punishment. Then after the year is up, I can recover my license again. Bottom line, I don't agree with their EULA, so I'm cutting them loose.
  11. Thanks Jim. I never used those compressors, but I'll check them out. My buying days are over until the spring. Have to pay for Copyrights, and personnel the next few weeks. I do really like how the KT-2A looks and the price and customer ratings is what I like seeing. I just have enough rack space now too.
  12. SK, I moved my stuff to the cloud, and then I moved it back. It say's everything is back on my C drive, and it is licensed, but when Cakewalk went scanning for the files it asked me to direct it to the Waves folder where it does not acknowledge anything that it is looking for is there. I don't have the patience anymore. I'm 68, my next hour is not guaranteed. I have enough plug-ins from other companies, and the only problems have been with WAVES and their funny VST folders. I had enough. I won't have to worry anymore changing or hardware failure. If your hardware fails, you can't put it on a cloud, can you? I have software, if I go on their site, and want to use it on new hardware and didn't first remove it, it ask to remove from old system, and add to new. And I'm not limited to; "Once a year". I spent close to probably $2000 on Wave plug-ins all these years, I expect better and simpler plug-in installers. I like adding, and changing things to my computer. like the hard drives, they are mechanical and are subject to wear, and SDD Hard drives can only be written to so many times. I have the money to change them like it's the Airforce One, but I knew there was one program that made me weary. And with Waves gone, I can change my computer without any worries. Yes I may put something new in and it may last a few hours, but I won't have to worry if it does, I'll replace it without losing any plug-ins that I thought I bought to use throughout my life. It that's their EULA I don't like it, and we are finished. There is nothing more to say.
  13. Antler, I love the Wave plugins. I've been dealing with computers for a long time and Cakewalk since Cakewalk DOS. I have a lot of plug-ins that go back to 1990 that wasn't from Cakewalk. I have more Wave plug-ins than anyone else because of sales, discounts etc. Almost every year I upgrade, my computer or had to increase the size my hard drives. I have no problem installing other plug-ins I bought from others, I have a iLok. With Waves every time I upgrade something, they don't use regular VST extensions, they have some special folders, and when it doesn't load Cakewalk can't find the Wave files. I found out when my boot drive failed last year and I thought it was my motherboard, that they only allow you to download their files once a year. So they only option you have is you have to go a year without it, or buy a new one which you may pay more than the original. They also want you to pay yearly for each plug-in you bought for upgrades, and updates for each, and mine come up to over $300 a year if I'm correct. Everyone else, if you change hardware, you either have a iLok, put in your serial numbers go to the website, sign in, if you have to download the program again like Cakewalk and it works, I have no problem. The problem is, that I bought this item and I expect it to be available to me when I want to use it. It takes hours of adjusting to get the sound you wanted and then it's not there now because you altered your computer. They know you are not a pirate because you have to sign in, but if you want to download your stuff again, you have to pay if you did it once that year. So all your 50 plug-ins are dead, for a year unless you want to pay for something you already paid for. Are you willing to pay them $400 after you just upgraded your computer for something you thought you bought and was your forever. You can't make up for the hours you spent customizing settings etc. For me, if I have a problem with something I have to let it go. I feel like I have been robbed, me upgrading my computer has nothing to do with what I purchased from you. If you policies don't agree and it wasn't free. I am not willing to get ripped off anymore, and that's what I feel they did is ripped me off. If that is their EULA sorry if I don't agree and didn't see it coming and it is NOT the norm. I not looking to change their policy for just me, it's not like anyone else's.
  14. No Razor, all's good, I'm just trying to be honest. I just try to answer questions as best as I can. I even had two Behringer SX4882 mixers. The first one I spilled some liquid in it (smoke & fire), I took it apart and couldn't save it. The second one I gave away after a few channels failed. Behringer products are not, repair friendly. I would not buy another of their analog mixers. I ended up get a Digital Mixer from PreSonus. Right now on Sweetwater, all of Behringer's digital mixers are rated 4.5 stars, so they are making somebody happy. If I need to record a song and need 40 channels of analog, I'll buy another BehringerADA8200. When I get a musician or vocalist saying they sound funny, I'll buy the $700 one. I liked the way the meters looked on the SX4882. Some meter bars cost more than the mixer. I made my own for my PreSonus. I'm a LED and light freak. Anything with a lot of lights and colors, I'm sold. When fiber optics became a possibility, there were no fiber optic cable, so we (while working for GE) had to go to Radio shack and cut up some toy Xmas trees and made our own. I was disappointed that the LEDS we used were infrared and invisible to us.
  15. Jim. When I'm trying to tweak my settings so I can have the best latency, with my 24AO and I have about 20 analog and mini channels going, various plug-ins. There are dropouts at various times, sometimes inaudible and some with noises. When you change these settings, you can see the output load increase or decrease with the CPU threads. I have up to 30 Analog channels I can playback on my setup, and by the time a song is finished I never have less than 18 audio channels. I usually back off these setting by one, from when things stop or pause. There has been times during playback one or two channels, didn't play and I didn't notice right away or were not clear. I had people say with a program I use iClone, that it didn't matter if you used more than 16GB of RAM. Well I increased it 32, 64, 96 all the way to 128GB, and everything got better as I increased it. I've been building/designing electronic things since 1958, and worked in the best companies and there is no such thing as; "It don't or it can't", especially if you haven't tried it. A lot of thing were discovered by accident not because it was planned. Then we try to find out why. Other Engineers used to always asked me, how did I find that out. My response was, because I did it a home. There response was, they have to build a lab at home too. All I'm going to say and I sent photos in of my CPU activity, and it looks like my activity of my old CPU when it was idle. Now if you are happy with your sound, your system then don't do a thing. I'm not coming on here to debate, only to tell about my results. There are people buying records today saying they sound better, but technically there is surface, static and dust noise, frequency reduction as the needle moves in. Not my money, or do I care. A few months ago, my daughters' 65" flat screen TV blew out. I fixed color TV's since the late 60's when we had one color TV station, but I've never been in back of a flat screen TV, because mine are still working. Since it was expensive I told her husband to let me see if I could fix it, they were going to throw it out. There were 3 boards, I figured out which board it had to be, and when it came, we put it in and it worked. They both told me a few days later, that the picture really looks better than ever. There is nothing to adjust on the board so I really want to tell them that's impossible. So I'm going to take their word because they have no reason to lie. One of the reasons I've been the best out there, because I've been very observant. Unless you have a 24AO and a similar setup, you can't say what will happen, there are too many factors involved. The Cakewalk program, which you did not design, the audio engine, the MOTU 24AO, my computer. I might be wrong, so other than making or recording music, what is you technical background if any, I'm curious? Have a great weekend all.
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