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  1. Something very strange happens, I love to program with Sonar Platinum, and when I play on the Juno Stage linked sequences, they all behave well, and I can also use the real time controls for each sound on each channel, for example, cutoff, resonance, release, etc ... and when I save this .mid sequence on the flash drive to run on Juno, I just can't control each midi channel using the same controls mentioned ... but if I run this midi on my MC80 sequencer, I have the freedom to control each midi channel using the same controls ... it's like the midi player takes away the power to manipulate each midi channel running in performance mode ... is there anything that I'm not activating on the keyboard so I have the freedom to use his midi player and use the controls in real time?
  2. THANKS for that guys! It´s works here, fine :)))) God bless
  3. so just that ... I don't know how to change an existing ins so that I can properly program each bank, as we do on ins of other assorted synths ... I just get dark, I don't know how I would edit one, not even where to start Thank you very much for your reply!
  4. Hi Steve ... Thanks so much for answering ... but this is just the problem, I really don't know how to create the ins file ... I would love to know how to do this, nor would I need to assign all the names of the patches , I just wish I had the option to change banks normally ...
  5. I searched the entire google and Juno Stage forums, but I didn't find anyone who had the Cakewalk ins file ... I just can't change the groups within each midi track in Sonar, and that complicates the lives of those looking to produce a lot. with this synthesizer ... does anyone have in your database to share? I thank you very much
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