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  1. Quote

    ‘Split MIDI Notes’ and ‘Non-Destructive MIDI Editing’ options in MIDI menu


    This is cool options but have problem now....
    If I have only Split MIDI Notes I can`t split note. :)
    If I have Split MIDI Notes & Non-Destructive MIDI Editing I can split note but when I move note to other tune this all note become long again. Clip is also long too.

    This is video about this problem. :(


  2. 4 minutes ago, msmcleod said:

    This plugin is way out of date, and AFAIK is 32 bit only.  It quite clearly says on the page:

    The information in this article applies to:

    • SONAR 4 Producer Edition
    • SONAR 4 Studio Edition
    • SONAR 3 Producer Edition
    • SONAR 3 Studio Edition
    • SONAR 2

    Cakewalk already ships with the latest Mackie Control plugin.

    You may have to run the roll back installer and re-install the early access.

    You mean this plugin?
    I tested it. There is no reaction with it. Does not work. :(



  3. 8 hours ago, msmcleod said:

    This is dependent on the control surface you're using.

    Mackie compatible control surfaces already do this if you're using Cakewalk's MackieControl surface plugin.

    The ACT control surfaces and Generic Control Surfaces are one way - i.e. they only receive data, so there's no way of doing that with these.

    I have iCON Platform M+ add to CW like a Mackie Control

    I download "Cakewalk's MackieControl surface plugin" and If I try to Install I have Error now... :(

    I try Bitwig & Reaper and use for iCON Platform M+ (Mackie Control) with other driver - Driver by Moss (http://www.mossgrabers.de/Software/Software.html)
    After install and setup my  iCON Platform M+ can automatically switch to the selected tracks and have more options like a ACT Control.

    May be you can do this for CW? That would be fantastic!




  4. 8 hours ago, msmcleod said:

    The hint is in the name of the shortcut: Open Soft Synth on Current Track ... not selected clip.

    Using the selection would be ambiguous - i.e. what would take priority... the selection or the current track? And what if you've got multiple clips or tracks selected?

    You don't actually have to click on the name... you just have to set the current track.  This could be by clicking the name, but it could also be by using the arrow up/down keys to go through the tracks, or pressing the track select button on a control surface.  You can also set the current track by clicking on the synth on the synth rack.

    It's obvious that if I choose several clips, I don't need to open the synthesizers. I will work with clips.
    If I choose several tracks , I don't need to open the synthesizer. I work with tracks.

    When I work in an arrangement, I choose clips, write notes, and write automation. At some point, I want to open the synthesizer. What should I do? Need to drag the mouse to the other side of the screen to click on the icon? This is very inconvenient when you have large monitors. :(
    Please make a simultaneous selection (number and track name). Then you can use this key to open the synthesizer. In the current situation, it is useless.
    If you make a synchronous selection (track number and name) - an option for the user to choose - it will be fantastic!

    P.S. If the user suddenly selected several clips or tracks, and then accidentally pressed shortcut: Open Soft Synth - let the first available one open.

  5. Improved handling of temporary removal of control surfaces



    Cakewalk now better handles the temporary removal of devices related to connected/configured control surfaces. 
    If the MIDI input or output ports are not available, the control surface is now disabled. The control surface name will be shown in parentheses and any missing ports will be shown as -- None --.

    Regardless of whether MIDI ports have been remapped or not as a result of adding or removing MIDI devices, only user changes to the control surface setup will be saved. Unchanged control surfaces will retain their original settings. Therefore, if a MIDI port is unavailable and the ports are shown as -- None --, as long as this surface is left unchanged, it will automatically restore its previous settings the next time Cakewalk is restarted with the MIDI device available.


    Amazing! Thank you! I love you! :)

    Please, please, please... Can you do this for control surfaces:
    If I select track (number or name) control surfaces automatically switches to the selected channel.
    It would be great to have this option in the settings.


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  6. Key binding to open soft synth on current track


    A new key binding named Open Soft Synth on Current Track allows you to open the soft synth UI on the focused Instrument track. You can assign the key binding in Edit > Preferences > Customization - Keyboard Shortcuts (under Area: Global Bindings).

    1. This is nice but... this is work ONLY when I select Track Name! 🙂 I can click to synth icon and open synth. It doesn't make sense to use this key. :( 
    When I select clip nothing happens because the track is not selected completely, only number track! But for this key to work, you need to select the track NAME.
    Please make an option FOR syncing the selection: Name & Track number.

    2. Will be great to have Toggle options for this shortcuts: open/close synth.

    This is video about this problem.


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  7. 3 hours ago, David Baay said:

    That's not to say a new approach isn't possible, just that there are reasons for the way it's currently implemented.

    Well, I can understand that.
    I do not insist on the lines. I want to have a nice and handy tool, easy to use features for drawing and editing MIDI CC enveloping.
    In Cubase there are no such lines in Studio One, but it is more convenient to draw than Cakewalk.
    Perhaps you need to add "Smart Tool" to Calewalk: Draw a parabola,  transform tools - How about this?
    Bitwig have line too...
    Reaper don`t have line now but have a handy tool for drawing based on JS scripts.



  8. 4 hours ago, David Baay said:

    Probably wasting my time, but that Studio One screenshot looks a lot like an Inline PRV with automation lanes under it

    Yes. It looks like...
    But It's not inside the MIDI slip. :- ) And you need to create a separate MIDI track for this.
    To work with notes and at the same time to correct automation it is not absolutely convenient. It is not possible to work with multi-instruments in one Piano Roll.
    All you need to do is work with MIDI CC lines inside MIDI clips. Or make handy tools for drawing lines. At least do as in Cubase.

    Repeat once again....
    Cakewalk has a very handy Piano Roll among all DAW and especially for working with multiple tracks, instruments. But the most inconvenient among all DAW way to edit MIDI СС inside the piano roll.

    Why make a very convenient Piano Roll and such a terrible way of drawing MIDI CC.

    It looks like a cool and beautiful car, but without an engine. We need a good engine. :)

  9. 5 hours ago, David Baay said:

    The only real 'difficulty' with Cakewalk in achieving the same result is that MIDI automation envelopes are only available in MIDI tracks

    This problem deeper.
    I repeat...
    It is convenient to draw and edit automation INSIDE MIDI clip. Not in main arrange, inside the MIDI editor.
    Should be useful tools for this purpose.
    You should start with small things - make at least the lines as was done in Studio One.

  10. This is midi CC in Studio One 4.5
    Very convenient system for drawing and editing. 
    Convenient "Bookmarks" with parameters. You can make 1-2-10 lines for automation.
    There is a convenient way to edit the envelope - not only a pencil, but also another tool.
    No difficulties when you edit MIDI-СС automation, unlike the beloved Cakewalk.  🙂
    I hope that someday we will see something similar, perhaps even better in Cakewalk. 



  11. 7 hours ago, Michael Warren said:

    In preference menu, There is option to zero controllers on start. Have you unchecked that feature? That might explain controllers resetting to zero data.

    I know this. I talking about the other options. Drawing midi CC in Pian roll. :)

    I have a few tracks.
    Each has notes.
    Each track has automation. The modulation wheel, which is responsible in this library for the dynamics of a musical instrument.
    I choose a track, draw or record notes, then correct and further draw automation of the necessary parameters.
    I open the left panel to correct the sound-ProChannle or other plugins.
    All work takes place in Piano Roll. There are handy filters for tools. Autofocus, Autolock... 
    The worst thing is that here there is a drawing automation to MIDI CC parameters.

    I'm asking the developers to do something about it.
    Perhaps make a new system - lines as done in Studio One or make new drawing tools.




  12. 1 hour ago, David Baay said:

    Edit Filter > Automation >  <synth name>  > <parameter> will allow automating applicable synth parameters in a simple instrument track.

    Yes. But this is not a midi CC and this is not inside midi-clip. :) Some synthesizers have a lot of parameters to find them through such a menu. It's just unreal. It is easier to press W and start recording automation to appear the desired track with automation.
    Try to understand me. :) Edit automation (midi CC) inside midi-clip when you edit the note. It's very convenient. When you work in a piano roll without opening an arrangement. 


  13. 10 hours ago, msmcleod said:

    Selecting MIDI from the dropdown brings up a dialog allowing you to select any MIDI CC you want, and you can then draw your envelopes in the same way that you can with automation on audio tracks.

    Yes, but this is only for individual MIDI tracks.
    I have an instrumental track. I don't want to create an additional track to record automation.
    It's not convenient. I wrote above that when we open the MIDI editor (Piano roll) we can edit the notes and here we can edit the automation without closing the Piano Roll.
    This is especially useful when editing multiple tracks at once.

  14. 11 hours ago, Zo said:

    Guyz reaper cpu and studio one don't show the same thing , reaper is the real cpu usage , studio one show the single core (thread) cpu usage , it is to show when you can get a dropout , basically in sonar aor reaper sometime you can get a dropout while at 45 % of cpu witch in fact is an average , one cpu must have gone nuts ...

    Studio One can show all that anywhere but in Cakewalk project playing, in Reaper project playing. Studio One 4.5 is not playing. 🙂

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  15. MIDI СС automation is a pain that kills all desire to work in Cakewalk. :(
    Cakewalk has the best solution on the market in multi-instrumental MIDI editing mode.
    But it's completely impossible to work with automation inside MIDI clips. :(

    Studio One - has a line of automation.
    Reaper has excellent scripts for quickly drawing different envelopes - it is even sometimes more convenient than the lines in Studio One

    May have many times asked for something to do with it.
    Please, developers, let's think together how we can better change this.
    Happen again... Cakewalk has the best system on the market for working with multi-tools in a MIDI editor, but due to the inability to work properly with MIDI-CC automation, all this work is reduced to zero. 😞

    The mandatory item that I would like to see is The reset of the MIDI CC after pressing "Stop" to the user-set values. This system is in the Reaper and it helps a lot in the work.



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