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  1. I modified these and not much changed. Setting MixThreadCount to 100 (max value) made it run a little faster but still pretty slow, maybe 35% CPU, and no other bottlenecks. This is an extremely simple mix from a live multitrack recording, 45 minutes in length with 36 equal length WAV tracks. Mixing to native format (48k/24b) with only cakewalk plug-ins (a couple of compressors and reverbs) being used. Real time mixing only gets to maybe 5% CPU, so plug-ins aren't my issue.
  2. I am running cakewalk 2019.05 on the following specs: Ryzen 5 1600 16 GB ram (ddr4,2400) Samsung EVO NVME 500GB (2.4 GB/sec tested write speed) using HDMI audio thru a NVIDIA gtx1050Ti using fast bounce on my export, MMCSS, multiprocessing, etc ...and the Export performance is ABYSMAL. My cpu utilization never goes over 12%, and nothing else is bottlenecked... my disk utilization is at 7% and RAM util is below 4GB. A mixdown of 34 tracks at 48k/24, about 45m long, takes over 10 minutes to export and my PC seems bored with it. I'm only using sonitus effects (a few compressors and reverb fx) WIth this much power, exports should take 2 minutes, not 10. Whats going on here? Why did I bother to get a fast computer if the software is crippled like this? Can anyone give me insight?
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