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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions. I never had the input monitoring turned on, but I tried it both ways and it made no difference. I don't run vocals or anything else through plug ins. I record everything dry and apply effects, if any, after. HOWEVER: the suggestion to uncheck "listen to this device" worked! Problem solved. Thank you so much, JL!
  2. I was on the phone with Sweetwater tech support for 2 hours this morning and they were stumped. Here's the current situation: If I set the monitor button for 3/4 or 1/2 & 3/4 the latency disappears. If I set the headphones to 3/4 the latency is still gone but I get no sound at all from the computer, whether in Cakewalk or YouTube or audio files on my media player. If I set the headphones to 1/2, I get full sound but the latency is back. Does this give anyone a clue? Still stumped....
  3. OK cranking the Monitor volume all the way up helps some. Doesn't eliminate it, but it's a bit better than it was...
  4. Well thank you! I think we may be making progress. Setting the Monitor switch to 3/4 and the headphones the same, I eliminate the echo. However, it also eliminates the drum track. The whole point is to hear the drum track and sing or play along to it. To hear the midi drum track from the DAW I have to set the headphones to 1/2. With the monitor set at both 1/2 and 3/4 but the headphones at 1/2 (so I can hear the drum), there is still an echo.
  5. Input echo is off. I don't know what IOW is... The only knob to the right of center is labelled Monitor. It has a volume control, an On button and a Mono button. The On button switches the 1/2 light on and off. Not sure what you're referring to, but if you can clarify based on what I described, that would be great. Thanks.
  6. None of the monitor settings make a difference, but thanks.
  7. At this point all I'm using is a mic through my Komplete Audio 6 and a midi drum track for me to sing over. So as far as I know I don't have any plug ins going. Does that make sense?
  8. Thanks Reginald -- well, maybe I didn't say it right. I moved the slider all the way to the left (fast). It was almost there, so I just took it the rest of the way. I had to switch to WASAPI Exclusive to do that. But I'm back in ASIO and either way there's no difference so I'm still experiencing the problem. David, I've recorded 15 CD's over the years with Cakewalk, then Sonar and yet I have very little tech knowledge or background, so I don't understand what you're telling me to do. I've never had this problem before. I recorded the previous 15 with a Tascam interface, but I'm using the Komplete Audio 6 now. I don't know if that's where the problem is or what...
  9. I'm trying to record along to a click track, but what I hear in the headphones is slightly delayed from the input, which creates an echo and makes it confusing as hell. I've got the latency set to zero, I've tried both ASIO and WASAPI Exclusive as suggested by Cakewalk tech support, and nothing helps so far. I'm using a Komplete Audio 6 interface. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, Spyder
  10. Hey, Byron -- not everybody falls into those categories. For whatever reason, they will always need correction. I've been recording a singer/songwriter with a beautiful voice for 15 CD's now, and she still needs correction (as do I!). The solutions you put forth all make sense but whether you can accept it or not, they simply don't work or apply to everyone. Maybe 90% or even 99% of people, but not everyone. Let's be a little more gentle and understanding of people's differences, eh? But thanks for your thoughtful response, I can see you didn't mean it disrespectfully.
  11. Starship Krupa, thanks. That sounds great! Gary, I think I'm wrong on my Sonar X version -- I'll have to look. I used V-Vocal on our last CD, so it's a version that includes it. We had to move twice during production, and that was about the time Cakewalk supplanted Sonar, so things have been a bit confusing. Thank you both very much!
  12. Gary, I have my old Sonar X3 Producers, but how do I use that with Cakewalk? Do I record it in the old version, make my corrections and then open it in the new version to put everything together? Or is there another way that's less klugey?
  13. What happened to V Vocal? Is it gone? Is there something to replace it so that I can pitch correct vocals?
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