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  1. I recently installed Sonarworks Reference 4 (including Systemwide). Cakewalk works fine with this when using the onboard sound card but opening Cakewalk causes the computer to crash (Windows 7) when I have my Focusrite 18i20 interface connected. The Windows error message is " driver IRQL not set to less or equal". However, Presonus Studio One works fine with Sonarworks and the Focusrite so I can only assume that the fault lies somewhere within Cakewalk. Has anyone else experienced this and/or have any suggestions as to how to remedy it.
  2. Not sure if this is just an early access issue as I have not tried ACT Controller before but it seems a bit unstable. It stops responding after a while and needs to be rebooted (eg after setting up 8 sliders it refused to map any further parameters, and also stopped controlling the console, but after a reboot it carried on working perfectly). Also, it is very slow when detecting a plugin (takes several seconds). Is there any possibility that ACT Controller can have a user configurable number of faders etc (or at least make it 9 as it is very common to have a master fader which could be well used for an organ VSTi, which commonly has 9 drawbars, as well as any master fader duties).
  3. Thanks for your response Mark. STOP PRESS! I just realised that I had left AZcontroller installed and this was interfering with the operation. I can confirm that both HUI and MACKIE operate in the same way and they both work fine . I'll see if I can configure a button for bus selection.
  4. I've had problems connecting my M-Audio Code 61 to Cakewalk via Mackie Control so have tested the early access release for this issue. Code 61 now communicates with Cakewalk but there are a few issues. It actually works better under HUI. I would note the following specifically: TRANSPORT: HUI - All OK MACKIE - “Play” doesn’t work, “Record” moves playhead but nothing is recorded FADERS: HUI - Master fader doesn’t work MACKIE - All OK ROTARIES: HUI - All OK MACKIE - At the same time as controlling pan, rotary 6 moves the playhead, rotary 7 moves track select, rotary 8 controls master fader ISSUES ON BOTH HUI and MACKIE: Bank select is quite slow (not timed it but at least 1 second delay) It is not possible to control busses (this may not be part of the HUI/MACKIE protocol - if not, what is the best way to use a hardware controller with busses?) Bank select is a bit confusing if the tracks are not in multiples of 8. For example, with 17 tracks the bank select moves by 8 tracks (to control tracks 9 to 16) and then 1 track to accommodate track 17. This means that track 17 is controlled by fader 8 rather than fader 1 (which would be more logical (to me) as it is the first track in the next bank of eight). Again, this may not be part of the HUI/MACKIE protocol
  5. Andrew Pentecost

    M-Audio Code 61

    I'm trying to set up the M-Audio Code 61 as a mackie emulation and not making much progress. Both Code 61 and Cakewalk support Mackie so it should be possible. I've managed to map faders, rotaries and buttons as a generic controller but can't get the transport keys on the Code 61 to work. Is there any chance that Code 61 will be added to the list of ACT presets? Does anyone have any advice/templates that they could share?
  6. I had just updated the Focusrite driver and it works differently now. The hardware was locked on 16 samples. I changed this to 128 and it now works perfectly with no latency. Thanks very much for your advice. I also checked out the ASIO link and it doesn't seem to be free (it came up with a screen requesting a license purchase). It seems quite complicated and the instructions wouldn't open in Acrobat Reader for me. Thankfully, I don't need it anyway.
  7. I am trying to get Cakewalk up and running. It works fine with the ASIO4ALL driver (but latency is unacceptable). My Focusrite 18i20 interface works OK to play soft synths but as soon as I press record I lose sound playback and just get a continous whine (not feedback). Midi information is recorded OK but I can't hear what I'm playing! Has anyone else experienced this and/or know how to solve it? Thanks in advance.
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