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  1. can someone explain to me what happens? . I'm used to always Ctrl + S to ensure that I don't miss the edition ... sometimes in the editions of my projects, I pressed Ctrl + S to save, and rotated, rotated the mouse pointer on the screen and automatically closed the cakewalk window; and I lost the arrangement. o Second error: or sometimes I already opened a faulty plugin, the cakewalk closed the window and lost the edition. does anyone know what this bug is about ???
  2. hello everyone, a question when a new update for CAKEWALK 26 to 27 will be released, or is it not in the plans? I've been using SONAR since 4. I like its interface a lot, but some DAW in the market like cubase, Studio one has shown enthusiasts. I say no in terms of quality requirements, the cakewalk already has it. but in interface, more interesting speaker models, more colorful tracks, A Lighter, more intuitive style
  3. hello everyone at Cakewalk, I would like to give you a suggestion, because you guys don't make the CLIPS more clear. sometimes we want to see the sound waves. in the whole project. it has a lot of brightness in the colors of the TRACKS. I always used CAKEWALK. But throughout the project this goes. tired the view. you could give more waves in the waves, more details, for us to visualize better
  4. Olá pessoal de desenvolvimento do CAKEWALK BANDLab, eu adoraria se fosse possível baixar atualizações, lançamentos via celular. porque eu não tenho acesso à internet no computador, o computador está dentro do estúdio, sem internet. e só uso meu celular para entrar no fórum. E toda vez que uso meu celular em qualquer lugar que eu vá, na maioria das vezes. Eu só uso o PC para edição e projetos de áudio. você não poderia também atualizar seu telefone celular? baixando o arquivo de instalação? Eu acho que facilitaria o acesso, para quem não tem acesso via computador e para quem só usa wifi. obrigado
  5. Scook, Thanks for the help. I'm going to open the cakewalk now. and configure in this mode.
  6. several times when editing my projects on the cakewalk this error happens: I use SuperiorDrummer, and other VSTI, such as Piano, SYNTHS, among others. the error is as follows. when I open CAKEWALK again. when playing, the superiordrummer, the audio starts to leak in another VSTI. this has occurred several times. then I have to configure everything again. and leaving the output as none, input as none in the superiordrummer. Pleasefor example: when I play a key on any VSTI, like a piano, at the same time it plays a beat from the superiordrummer's drumm someone knows how to solve, thanks
  7. Hello guys, today editing my project, I went to add plugins on the track, not on the console, but directly on the audio on the track, and I realized that it doesn't work. Can someone help me?. follow the picture. it just doesn't work if you put a plugin there. only works on the console track where there is mute, solo, etc.
  8. 🤔 Onde posso encontrar projetos de calçada para eu baixar, para treinar meus ouvidos na mistura. alguem me ajude. obrigado
  9. Hello, I'm here from Brazil, and several audio producers have acquired the control surface of Behringer x Touch, and are having difficulty enabling some features, because not all controls are compatible, you could help us by creating more compatibilities with control surfaces , creating a list of editing of the most complete surface ACT. is what most people ask. thank you.
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