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  1. New windows driver is out there folks for Lynx PCIe cards. Seems to work well.
  2. Here's the log files.VstScan.log. EZDrummer and Superior Drummer are in C:]Windows\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\Toontrack (as are many other plugins that are scanned and found just fine in the same VST3 directory).
  3. VST scan isn't finding all plugins in the latest version. 2020.01 (it can't find my toontrack VSTi's). Went back to 2019.12 and it finds everything without issue (no changes to locations). . Looking at the VST Scan Log under 2020.01, it appears to be skipping that directory all together for some reason.
  4. For those using Lynx cards, you will also likely see a new driver soon.
  5. Yep, sounds good. Also note, that currently I can only use this right now with CbB at buffer sample size of 64 (not 32 like I can with other hosts)....but at least we have progress!
  6. For those following along, the latest pre-release build of CBB did get this working ( with a Lynx E44 and ASIO. We had to turn off the MMCSS to get this going while utilizing the build mentioned above. Things seem to be humming along with the pre-release build and the MMCSS option off in the playback and recording tab utilizing the latest build. Noel and I will be working with Lynx to understand this a bit further as the MMCSS option shouldn't need to be disabled.
  7. Unfortunately, no luck with that build. The same behavior. Somehow, seems CBB can't load and/or share the driver.
  8. Hey Folks, Not sure what has happened, but the November release has effectively broken ASIO and Lynx cards. I cannot play any VSTi’s through the ASIO driver any longer. For example, using EZDrummer I get the following (note the audio engine inactive message in the lower right hand corner). Note that his applies to all VSTi’s (not just EZDrummer). Nothing plays through the ASIO Lynx driver. Help! System config: Intel Core I9-9900K CPU (3.6 Ghz) 32 GB Ram Win 10 64 bit Version 1909 (OS Build 18363.535) Deleting AUD.INI and re-installing changed nothing. I’ve been using Lynx cards forever, and this is the first time I’ve ever had an issue. Every VST works fine in stand alone, and even in Cubase 10.5. In Sonar, I cannot use the ASIO driver at all any longer: Setting are below: ASIO buffer settings is at 32 samples. Changing to high buffer settings makes no difference. Not that checking the Suspend Audio Engine When Cakewalk is Not in Focus makes no difference. The same error message comes up.
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