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  1. As an update to your suggestions the screen shot here is what I ultimately set the "Friendly Driver Names " to. Does this look correct? Also what is UMC ASIO Driver Out 9? What does it correspond to?
  2. Mark, thanks again for the tip above as well. However I am still trying to get past the "Assign Friendly Names to Audio Drivers". As you can see in my attached .jpg of the drivers listed in Cakewalk Preferences, I started to name them with "Friendly Names" (I typed in Channel 1 as a friendly name to designate the first UMC1820 Driver 1), but then I realized that Driver #2 is not listed. The only place the Left, Right, Stereo Designation is listed is in the Track input and output drop down menus. I don't see any way to edit those designations. However as you see I could edit friendly names in the driver preferences menu in Cakewalk Preferences, but only the odd number drivers. How can I edit mono input names like Channels 2, 4, 6, etc.?
  3. OK, thanks Mark. I really appreciate you trying to help me. This helps to confirm the input designations. I would assume the "Output" drivers would relate the same? If so, what do I have to do in Cakewalk to hear the specific channel or driver return audio from the line outs on each of the physical interfaces, UMC1820 and ADA8200? I have yet to get any of the interfaces line out channels to produce any individual track audio from Cakewalk.
  4. OK, thanks for the tip. Yes I have show Mono Outputs checked. But how does this Left, Right, Stereo, designation relate to the UMC1820 and the ADA8200 Input and Output channel jacks to the physical hardware of my USB interface and Digital Adat Audio Interface? I have analog channels 1-8 in and 1-8 out, then on the attached ADA8200 via an ADAT cable to the UMC1820 interface connection, I have 1-8 analog in and 1-8 analog out on that piece of hardware as well. The ADAT input on the UMC1820 says for channels 11-18. How do they line up with what I am looking at in Cakewalk's Driver preferences screen, and Cakewalk's individual tracks drop down menu for inputs and outputs? See my .jpg screen shots attached to the reply. Thanks.
  5. Maybe someone can help me with this setup issue. I just purchased two Behringer Units to use in a live situation with Cakewalk. They were the Behringer UMC1820 USB Interface and the ADA8200 Digital ADAT audio interface. I need to know how do you set both units up to give you 16 mic inputs into your DAW, as well as to monitor each channel input through the line outputs on each of the hardware units? The UMC dashboard and drivers in and out only show odd pairs of input and output drivers in Cakewalk SONAR and in Windows. With the ADA8200 hooked up it shows an additional group of same odd pairs of input and output drivers with ADAT after each input and output. How do these translate into mic channels? For example the back of the UMC1820 has ADAT In for inputs 11-18. Where do you see these channels and how do they relate to the front input channels on each of the hardware pieces. I just bought these two units and I am very disappointed in the instructions and documentation included with each unit. They explain nothing in regards to how to hook them up properly. In addition I have scoured the internet reading Music Tribe forums, Behringer YouTube videos, and tons of musician unboxing videos, and nowhere do I find proper instructions on a live set up doing 16 channels of recording while at the same time monitoring the line outputs on each of the hardware units by running them into a live mixing board. I have seen a host of other musicians on the forums asking the same question about these two units, and no one has been able to explain it in detail. I have two Toslink cables running from the in and outs of the ADAT connections on both units and have the ADA8200 set to ADAT. I know the UMC1820 is connected because I was able to record a track from one of its inputs into Cakewalk. I also know that the ADAT works in the ADA8200 because I can loop a Toslink cable between the In and Out ADAT jacks and hear analog output from the rear of the unit into my sound system with an instrument plugged into a channel on the front of the unit. Other than that I can only get select channels on the UMC1820 to record into the DAW. I cannot get any return outputs back through ADAT or USB to monitor the input on either unit and cannot record or monitor from the ADA8200. The issue may be in Cakewalk setup. If anyone knows where I can find the detailed answers to these popular set up questions on line, please let me know. It would be greatly appreciated.
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