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  1. Reid Rosefelt is such a helpful member here and at the VIC forums. I would like to thank him for all his efforts and advice. He is motivating and helps me get up the learning curve at a good clip. I have read 100s of his posts and have never seen anything untoward, whatsoever. Thanks again RR.
  2. Thanks Larry. That is a good deal!
  3. Yes! Glad you are back and hope all is well.
  4. Title brings to mind a certain smooth 90s rapper.
  5. And irritating. Back to cable and stand sales lol.
  6. Lots of rubbish for sale but I have to say this sounds awesome.
  7. @kitekrazy would you consider this as a faster way to "heat up"?
  8. Looking for a first semi-hollow body jazz guitar. Reality TV not virtual.
  9. Downloaded. With all these offers, I'll have to take a look at SonuScore's other VIs.
  10. Dynamic EQs are a lot of fun.
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