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  1. Thank´s, that actually helped. I now can record guitar, vst plug ins all that stuff works just fine. Here´s my latest problem. I create an empty project and import a new midi file. It loads up, and i can play that file. I see that the file is played ( green faders/graphs are moving) but i cant hear nothing. I cant figure out why. I´ll upload a picture again.
  2. Hello everyone, first of all i wanted to say sorry for my bad englisch. I´m totaly new to cakewalk, and things just wont work out for me... I want to explore Cakewalk by myselfe, i think thats the best way.... learning by doing, but i cant even get it to start. For now i want to record an e guitar. I´m using an i7 laptop with win 10 and the focusrite scarlett 2i4 second gen interface. ive downloaded/installed the latest drivers. Windows is showing me that the interface is available, cakewalk is showing me that the interface is available. Audio is working just fine, listening to music by pc. But there is not 1 little tone given by cakewalk. i dont know if i screwd up in the cakewalk settings ore what ever. i will add some screenshots of the settings. i hope someone here has got the nerves to take some time and help me out. thanks and keep on rocking
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