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  1. Thanks for the reply JonD...Yes I went through all the VS100 info that's out there including manuals that I have that came with my original...I am not quite certain the VLink will be successful for adding another VS100. The connections seem rather obvious, but the setup in BandLab as the main Control Surface is what's also getting me confused. Thanks for the input
  2. Not too sure of the placing of this post as he hardware section had been eliminated. I recently acquired a second VStudio-100 , I have been using my original with Sonar and Cbl for quite a few years trouble free. I am wondering if anyone has a [2] VS-100 setup they could share with me, the connections and setup, as I am not getting this to function as one. I do know that they can some how be connected and sync'ed but can not for the life of me find the info online to do so. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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